Encyclopedia of Catalysis

Encyclopedia of Catalysis

Online ISBN: 9780471227618

DOI: 10.1002/0471227617

About this Book

Welcome to the home of the Encyclopedia of Catalysis online! Catalysis, the speeding up of a chemical reaction by a substance which itself does not react, is vital not only to the chemical process industry, but also to life itself. The Encyclopedia of Catalysis is a definitive A-to-Z reference work covering the most significant aspects of homogeneous, heterogeneous, asymmetric, biomimetic, and biological catalysis. The principles of catalysis, the scope of catalytic reactions, the preparation, characterization, and use of catalysts including catalytic technology, the modeling of catalytic processes, and related reaction engineering techniques are included.

Catalysis plays a pivotal role in providing fuels, commodity and fine chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as providing the means for strengthening environmental safeguards all over the world. More than 60% of all chemical products and 90% of chemical processes are based on catalysis.

Although there are many periodicals, review journals, books, and handbooks focused on the various aspects of catalysis, no comprehensive reference work has been published before. The Encyclopedia of Catalysis has been conceived to fill this gap and to provide basic information for scientists, engineers, and students interested in learning the principles and scope of catalysis, as well as for practitioners interested in applying catalysis outside their area of expertise.

This online encyclopedia couples rich content with a powerful search engine and intuitive interface. Users have access to the entire contents word-for-word with the special benefits afforded by our search and navigation software. A four volume print edition is also available.

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