Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471263395

DOI: 10.1002/0471263397

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  1. Aeromicrobiology
  2. Biodegradation
  3. Biofilms
    1. Activated Sludge and Biofilms: Molecular Techniques for Determining Community Composition
    2. Adhesion (Primary) of Microorganisms onto Surfaces
    3. Adhesion, Immobilization, and Retention of Microorganisms on Solid Substrata
    4. Biocorrosion: Role of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
    5. Biofilm Detachment
    6. Biofilms in Natural and Drinking Water Systems
    7. Biofilms in the Food Industry
    8. Biofilms: Bacterial-Fungal Biofilms
    9. Biofouling in the Marine Environment
    10. Biofouling of Industrial Systems
    11. Biofouling: Chemical Control of Biofouling in Water Systems
    12. Bioleaching
    13. Bioleaching of Metals
    14. Carbon Transformations and Activity in Biofilms
    15. Conditioning Films in Aquatic Environments
    16. Diatoms in Biofilms
    17. Ecology of Marine Microbial Biofilms
    18. Extracellular Enzymes in Biofilms
    19. Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS): Structural, Ecological and Technical Aspects
    20. Extremophiles: Life in Extreme Environments
    21. Gene Exchange in Biofilms
    22. Microbial Flocs Suspended Biofilms
    23. Modeling of Biofilms
    24. Pathogens in Environmental Biofilms
    25. Sorption Properties of Biofilms
    26. Weathering, Microbiol
    27. Weathering: Mineral Weathering and Microbial Metabolism
  4. Drinking Water Microbiology
  5. Environmental Biotechnology
  6. Extreme Environments
  7. Freshwaters
  8. Groundwater
  9. Marine and Estuarine
  10. Methodology
  11. Public Health Microbiology
  12. Soil Microbiology
  13. Wastewater Microbiology