Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471263395

DOI: 10.1002/0471263397

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  1. Aeromicrobiology
  2. Biodegradation
  3. Biofilms
  4. Drinking Water Microbiology
  5. Environmental Biotechnology
    1. Algae Biotechnology
    2. Archaea in Biotechnology
    3. Bioaugmentation
    4. Biochip-Based Devices and Methods in Microbial Community Ribotyping
    5. Biocontrol, Microbial Agents in Soil
    6. Biocorrosion: Role of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
    7. Biofiltration
    8. Bioleaching
    9. Bioleaching of Metals
    10. Bioplastics
    11. Bioremediation of Soils
    12. Bioremediation: An Overview of How Microbiological Processes can be Applied to the Cleanup of Organic and Inorganic Environmental Pollutants
    13. Bioremediation: Aquatic Ecosystems
    14. Biosurfactants: Types, Screening Methods, and Applications
    15. Biotrickling Filters for Air Pollution Control
    16. Chemical Weapons, Biodegradation of
    17. Cold Adapted Microorganisms: Use in Biotechnology
    18. Cold-Adapted Microorganisms: Adaptation Strategies and Biotechnological Potential
    19. Desulfurization of Fossil Fuels
    20. Enzymes: Biotechnological Applications
    21. Field Release of Genetically Engineered Microorganisms (GEM)
    22. Fungi, for Biotechnology
    23. Genetically Engineered Microorganisms for Biodegradation of Recalcitrant Compounds
    24. Genetically Modified Microorganisms (GMM) in Soil Environments
    25. Genomics, Environmental
    26. Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)
    27. Insecticides, Microbial
    28. Luciferase and Green Fluorescent Protein as Bioreporters in Microbial Systems
    29. Marine Biotechnology
    30. Methanotrophic Bacteria: Use in Bioremediation
    31. Microarrays: Applications in Environmental Microbiology
    32. Pulp and Paper Industry: Microbiological Aspects of
    33. Regulation of the Commercial Uses of Microorganisms
    34. Rhizosphere, Bacterial Phytostimulators in
    35. Solar Salt: Involvement of Microorganisms in Salt Production from Seawater
    36. Stress Response in Archaea
    37. Stress Response in Bacteria
    38. Stress Response in Bacteria: Heat Shock
    39. Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: Environmental and Technological Aspects
  6. Extreme Environments
  7. Freshwaters
  8. Groundwater
  9. Marine and Estuarine
  10. Methodology
  11. Public Health Microbiology
  12. Soil Microbiology
  13. Wastewater Microbiology