Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471263395

DOI: 10.1002/0471263397

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  1. Aeromicrobiology
  2. Biodegradation
  3. Biofilms
  4. Drinking Water Microbiology
  5. Environmental Biotechnology
  6. Extreme Environments
  7. Freshwaters
    1. Algal Blooms—Impact on Drinking Water Treatment, Taste, and Odor Problems
    2. Biofilms in Natural and Drinking Water Systems
    3. Conditioning Films in Aquatic Environments
    4. Cyanobacteria
    5. Eutrophication and Algae
    6. Fecal Streptococci/Enterococci in Aquatic Environments
    7. Kinetics (Microbial): Theory and Applications
    8. Meroplankton
    9. Nitrification in Aquatic Systems
    10. Oligotrophic Bacteria
    11. Paleolimnology: Subfossil Algae Other than Diatoms and Chrysophytes
    12. Paleolimnology: Use of Algal Pigments as Indicators
    13. Paleolimnology: Use of Siliceous Structures of Chrysophytes as Biological Indicators in Freshwater Systems
    14. Periphyton
    15. Pfiesteria: The Toxic Pfiesteria Complex
    16. Phosphorus Cycling in Aquatic Environments: Role of Bacteria
    17. Picoplankton, Freshwater
    18. Protozoan Ciliates in Freshwater Ecosystems
    19. Stream Microbiology
    20. Toxicity Testing Using Micro-Algae
    21. Trace Gases
    22. Viable but not Culturable (VBNC) Microorganisms
    23. Viruses and Protozoan Parasites in Aquatic Sediments
    24. Water Fungi as Decomposers in Freshwater Ecosystems
    25. Wetlands and Readbeds for Wastewater Treatment
    26. Wetlands: Biodegradation of Organic Pollutants
  8. Groundwater
  9. Marine and Estuarine
  10. Methodology
  11. Public Health Microbiology
  12. Soil Microbiology
  13. Wastewater Microbiology