Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Encyclopedia of Environmental Microbiology

Online ISBN: 9780471263395

DOI: 10.1002/0471263397

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  1. Aeromicrobiology
  2. Biodegradation
  3. Biofilms
  4. Drinking Water Microbiology
  5. Environmental Biotechnology
  6. Extreme Environments
  7. Freshwaters
  8. Groundwater
    1. Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifers and Other Uncosolidated Subsurface Sediments: Microbiological Aspects
    2. Biomineralization by Bacteria
    3. Caves and Mines Microbiological Sampling
    4. Cretaceous Shales and Sandstones of the Southwestern United States, Microbiology of
    5. Deep High-Temperature Sedimentary Environments, Microbiology of
    6. Gallionella Ferruginea: An Iron-Oxidizing and Stalk-Forming Groundwater Bacterium
    7. Geochemical and Geological Significance of Subsurface Microbiology
    8. Igneous Rock Aquifers Microbial Communities
    9. Lithotrophic Microbial Ecosystems in the Subsurface
    10. Modeling of Virus Transport and Removal in the Subsurface
    11. Nuclear Waste Respository in Yucca Mountain: Microbiological Aspects
    12. Petroleum Reservoirs, Influence, Activity and Growth of Subsurface Microflora in
    13. Petroleum Reservoirs, Microbial Diversity in
    14. Protistan Communities in Groundwater
    15. Radioactive Waste Disposal, Geomicrobiology of
    16. Subsurface Microbial Communities: Diversity Of Culturable Microorganisms
    17. Subsurface Microorganisms: Ecological significance
    18. Subsurface Samples: Collection and Processing
    19. Survival of Microorganisms in Subsurface Sediments
    20. Tracers in Groundwater: Use of Microorganisms and Microspheres
    21. Vadose Zone Microbiology
    22. Viruses in Drinking Water and Groundwater
    23. Volcanic Tuffs: Deep Subsurface Microbiology of
    24. Weathering: Mineral Weathering and Microbial Metabolism
  9. Marine and Estuarine
  10. Methodology
  11. Public Health Microbiology
  12. Soil Microbiology
  13. Wastewater Microbiology