Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals

Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals

Online ISBN: 9780471263630

DOI: 10.1002/047126363X

About this Book

Agrochemicals, such as pesticides, animal food additives, veterinary drugs, and related compounds, have become absolutely integral to the production of large-scale agriculture. As the prevalence of agrochemicals has steadily increased during the past 50 years, so have their complexity and sophistication. The Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals is the first major reference work exclusively devoted to the cataloging, analysis, regulation, utility, and environmental impact of agrochemicals. This multidisciplinary resource proves an invaluable guide to government policy makers and environmental analysts as well as scientists in the agricultural, veterinary, chemical, and biotechnology industries.

  • Provides an introduction to the field of agrochemicals
  • Includes a comprehensive range of topics, emphasizing chemicals used in pest management and soil fertility
  • Chemicals covered include pesticides, such as the herbicides (weed killers), insecticides, and fungicides
  • Contains contributions from experts around the world
  • Focuses on the chemistry, properties, toxicology, biotechnology, regulatory, and environmental aspects of agrochemicals

The Encyclopedia of Agrochemicals emphasizes the chemicals used in agriculture for management of pests, and covers their development, use, metabolism, toxicology, and mode of action. The applications of biotechnology are included, as are discussions of natural products and growth regulators. Fertilizers and soil fertility are covered at length, as well as the persistence of pesticide residues, their degradation, environmental transport, and the implications of their residues in the environmental. Toxicological and regulatory implications are included throughout. This work is a single source reference containing authoritative articles, definitions, literature citations, and suggestions for further reading.