Organic Syntheses

Organic Syntheses

Online ISBN: 9780471264224

DOI: 10.1002/0471264229

Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines

Organic Syntheses welcomes and encourages submission of experimental procedures that lead to compounds of wide interest or that illustrate important new developments in methodology. Proposals for Organic Syntheses procedures will be considered by the Editorial Board upon receipt of an outline proposal as described below. A full procedure will then be invited for those proposals determined to be of sufficient interest. These full procedures will be evaluated by the Editorial Board, and if approved, assigned to a member of the Board for checking. In order for a procedure to be accepted for publication, each reaction must be successfully repeated in the laboratory of a member of the Editorial Board at least twice, with similar yields (generally ±5%) and selectivity similar to that reported by the submitters.

Organic Syntheses Proposals
Complete an Organic Syntheses Proposal Cover Sheet. Attach an outline proposal that describes the utility of the methodology and/or the usefulness of the product. Identify and reference the best current alternatives. For each step, indicate the proposed scale, yield, method of isolation and purification, and how the purity of the product is determined. Describe any unusual apparatus or techniques required, and any special hazards associated with the procedure. Identify the source of starting materials.

Enclose copies of relevant publications (attach pdf files if this is an electronic submission).

Submit proposals by mail to:

Professor Charles K. Zercher
Associate Editor, Organic Syntheses
Department of Chemistry
University of New Hampshire
23 College Road, Parsons Hall
Durham NH 03824

Electronic submissions are encouraged. Send as email attachments to:

Submission of Procedures
Authors invited by the Editorial Board to submit full procedures should prepare their manuscripts in accord with the Instructions to Authors. Submitters are also encouraged to consult earlier volumes of Organic Syntheses for models with regard to style, format, and the level of experimental detail expected in Organic Syntheses procedures. Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate to the Associate Editor. Electronic submissions are encouraged; procedures will be accepted as email attachments, preferably in the form of Microsoft Word files with all schemes and graphics also sent separately as ChemDraw files. Authors should consult with the Associate Editor prior to submitting procedures created using other word-processing and structure-drawing programs.

Procedures that do not conform to the Instructions to Authors with regard to experimental style and detail will be returned to authors for correction. Authors will be notified when their manuscript is approved for checking by the Editorial Board, and it is the goal of the Board to complete the checking of procedures within a period of no more than six months from the date of receipt of the procedure in suitable form.

Additions, corrections, and improvements to the preparations previously published are welcomed; these should be directed to the Associate Editor. However, checking of such improvements will only be undertaken when new methodology is involved. Substantially improved procedures have been included in the Collective Volumes in place of a previously published procedure.

Additional Documents:

Proposal Cover SheetPDF
Instructions to AuthorsPDF
Procedure Checklist