Handbook of Psychology

Handbook of Psychology

Online ISBN: 9780471264385

DOI: 10.1002/0471264385

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  1. Assessment Psychology
  2. Biological Psychology
  3. Clinical Psychology
  4. Developmental Psychology
  5. Educational Psychology
  6. Experimental Psychology
  7. Forensic Psychology
    1. Assessing Employment Discrimination and Harassment
    2. Assessment of Childhood Trauma
    3. Assessment of Competence to Stand Trial
    4. Battered Woman Syndrome in the Courts
    5. Child Custody Evaluation
    6. Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations
    7. Competence to Confess
    8. Ethical Principles and Professional Competencies
    9. Evaluation of Criminal Responsibility
    10. Evaluation of Malingering and Deception
    11. Evaluation of Sexual Predators
    12. Expert Testimony: Law and Practice
    13. Eyewitness Memory for People and Events
    14. Forensic and Clinical Issues in the Assessment of Psychopathy
    15. Forensic Assessment for High-Risk Occupations
    16. Forensic Evaluation in Americans with Disabilities Act Cases
    17. Forensic Evaluation in Delinquency Cases
    18. Forensic Psychology, Public Policy, and the Law
    19. Forensic Training and Practice
    20. Overview of Forensic Psychology
    21. Pathologies of Attachment, Violence, and Criminality
    22. Personal Injury Examinations in Torts for Emotional Distress
    23. Sentencing Determinations in Death Penalty Cases
    24. Substituted Judgment: Roles for the Forensic Psychologist
    25. Therapeutic Jurisprudence
    26. Third Party Information in Forensic Assessment
    27. Violence Risk Assessment
    28. Voir Dire and Jury Selection
  8. Health Psychology
  9. History of Psychology
  10. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  11. Personality and Social Psychology
  12. Research Methods in Psychology