Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice

Handbook of Industrial Mixing: Science and Practice

Editor(s): Edward L. Paul, Victor A. Atiemo-Obeng, Suzanne M. Kresta

Published Online: 30 JAN 2004

Print ISBN: 9780471269199

Online ISBN: 9780471451457

DOI: 10.1002/0471451452

About this Book

Handbook of Industrial Mixing will explain the difference and uses of a variety of mixers including gear mixers, top entry mixers, side entry mixers, bottom entry mixers, on-line mixers, and submerged mixers The Handbook discusses the trade-offs among various mixers, concentrating on which might be considered for a particular process. Handbook of Industrial Mixing explains industrial mixers in a clear concise manner, and also:
* Contains a CD-ROM with video clips showing different type of mixers in action and a overview of their uses.
* Gives practical insights by the top professional in the field.
* Details applications in key industries.
* Provides the professional with information he did receive in school

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 4

      Experimental Methods (pages 145–256)

      David A. R. Brown, Pip N. Jones, John C. Middleton, George Papadopoulos and Engin B. Arik

    3. Chapter 8

      Rotor–Stator Mixing Devices (pages 479–505)

      Victor A. Atiemo-Obeng and Richard V. Calabrese

    4. Chapter 10

      Solid–Liquid Mixing (pages 543–584)

      Victor A. Atiemo-Obeng, W. Roy Penney and Piero Armenante

    5. Chapter 13

      Mixing and Chemical Reactions (pages 755–867)

      Gary K. Patterson, Edward L. Paul, Suzanne M. Kresta and Arthur W. Etchells

    6. Chapter 14

      Heat Transfer (pages 869–886)

      W. Roy Penney and Victor A. Atiemo-Obeng

    7. Chapter 15

      Solids Mixing (pages 887–985)

      Fernando J. Muzzio, Albert Alexander, Chris Goodridge, Elizabeth Shen, Troy Shinbrot, Konanur Manjunath, Shrikant Dhodapkar and Karl Jacob

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