Handbook of Advanced Materials: Enabling New Designs

Handbook of Advanced Materials: Enabling New Designs

Editor(s): James K. Wessel

Print ISBN: 9780471454755

Online ISBN: 9780471465188

DOI: 10.1002/0471465186


"Readers who have parts of a product that, if made from materials with improved performance characteristics would improve the overall product performance, would greatly benefit from reading this book." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, July/August 2005)

"…a detailed guide to the latest advanced materials." (MRS Bulletin, March 2005)

"…should be extremely useful for product designers and engineers." (E-STREAMS, November 2004)

"The book is well presented and has ample illustrations, graphs, and a layout that is logical and easy to follow. It will be welcomed by anyone with interest in the use of this diverse group of materials." (Corrosion, November 2004)

"Taking a comparative approach geared towards problem-solving and material selection, this resource will serve as a bridge to gap between the practitioner and the material supplier." (Chemical Engineering Progress, June 2004)

"The Handbook of Advanced Materials contains the most recent information designer and engineers need to know…this outstanding monograph is an essential reference for engineers." (Polymer News)