Weibull Models

Weibull Models

Author(s): D. N. Prabhakar Murthy, Min Xie, Renyan Jiang

Published Online: 4 DEC 2003

Print ISBN: 9780471360926

Online ISBN: 9780471473268

DOI: 10.1002/047147326X

Series Editor(s): Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks

About this Book

A comprehensive perspective on Weibull models

The literature on Weibull models is vast, disjointed, and scattered across many different journals. Weibull Models is a comprehensive guide that integrates all the different facets of Weibull models in a single volume.

This book will be of great help to practitioners in reliability and other disciplines in the context of modeling data sets using Weibull models. For researchers interested in these modeling techniques, exercises at the end of each chapter define potential topics for future research.

Organized into seven distinct parts, Weibull Models:

  • Covers model analysis, parameter estimation, model validation, and application
  • Serves as both a handbook and a research monograph. As a handbook, it classifies the different models and presents their properties. As a research monograph, it unifies the literature and presents the results in an integrated manner
  • Intertwines theory and application
  • Focuses on model identification prior to model parameter estimation
  • Discusses the usefulness of the Weibull Probability plot (WPP) in the model selection to model a given data set
  • Highlights the use of Weibull models in reliability theory

Filled with in-depth analysis, Weibull Models pulls together the most relevant information on this topic to give everyone from reliability engineers to applied statisticians involved with reliability and survival analysis a clear look at what Weibull models can offer.

Table of contents

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