Water Encyclopedia

Water Encyclopedia

Online ISBN: 9780471478447

DOI: 10.1002/047147844X

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  1. Agricultural Water
    1. Agricultural Water Use Efficiency (WUE) and Productivity (WP)
    2. Agriculture and Land Use Planning
    3. Animal Farming Operations: Groundwater Quality Issues
    4. Aquaculture Technology for Producers
    5. Assessment of Pollution Outflow from Large Agricultural Areas
    6. Biofuel Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
    7. Classification and Mapping of Agricultural Land for National Water-Quality Assessment
    8. Crop Evapotranspiration
    9. Crop Water Requirements
    10. Crop Water Stress Detection Using Remote Sensing
    11. Deep-Well Turbine Pumps
    12. Groundwater Assessment Using Soil Sampling Techniques
    13. Irrigation in the United States
    14. Irrigation Wells
    15. Landscape Water-Conservation Techniques
    16. Large Area Surface Energy Balance Estimation Using Satellite Imagery
    17. Maintaining Salt Balance on Irrigated Land
    18. Measuring and Modeling Tree and Stand Level Transpiration
    19. Media Filters for Microirrigation
    20. Metal Tolerance in Plants: The Roles of Thiol-Containing Peptides
    21. Microbial Quality of Reclaimed Irrigation: International Perspective
    22. Microirrigation
    23. Microirrigation: An Approach to Efficient Irrigation
    24. Nitrate Pollution Prevention
    25. Nitrification
    26. Occurrence of Organochlorine Pesticides in Vegetables Grown on Untreated Soils from an Agricultural Watershed
    27. Pesticide Chemistry in the Environment
    28. Pesticide Occurrence and Distribution in Relation to Use
    29. Plant and Microorganism Selection for Phytoremediation of Hydrocarbons and Metals
    30. Remediation of Pesticide-Contaminated Soil at Agrichemical Facilities
    31. Salt Tolerance
    32. Screen Filters for Microirrigation
    33. Skimmed Groundwater
    34. Soil Conservation
    35. Soil Erosion and Control Practices
    36. Soil Moisture Measurement-Neutron
    37. Soil N Management Impact on the Quality of Surface and Subsurface Water
    38. Soil Phosphorus Availability and Its Impact on Surface Water Quality
    39. Soil Salinity
    40. Soil Water Issues
    41. Sprinkler Irrigation
    42. Stomates
    43. Supplemental Irrigation
    44. The Drainage: Impacts, Plant Growth, and Water Table Levels
    45. Tile Drainage
    46. Vacuum Gauge Tensiometer
    47. Water Logging: Topographic and Agricultural Impacts
    48. Water Pollution from Fish Farms
    49. Water Quality Management in an Agricultural Landscape
    50. Water Spreading
    51. Water Table Contribution to Crop Evapotranspiration
    52. Waterlogging
    53. Weed Control Strategies
    54. World's Major Irrigation Areas
    55. Xeriscape
  2. Domestic Water Supply
  3. Ground Water Hydrology
  4. Industrial Water Supply
  5. Meteorology
  6. Municipal Water Supply
  7. Oceanography
  8. Physics and Chemistry of Water
  9. Surface Water Hydrology
  10. Waste Water Treatment
  11. Water History and Culture
  12. Water Law and Economics
  13. Water Quality Control
  14. Water Resource Development and Management