Water Encyclopedia

Water Encyclopedia

Online ISBN: 9780471478447

DOI: 10.1002/047147844X

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  1. Agricultural Water
  2. Domestic Water Supply
  3. Ground Water Hydrology
  4. Industrial Water Supply
  5. Meteorology
  6. Municipal Water Supply
  7. Oceanography
  8. Physics and Chemistry of Water
  9. Surface Water Hydrology
  10. Waste Water Treatment
  11. Water History and Culture
  12. Water Law and Economics
    1. A Brief History of the Water Pollution Control Act in the U.S.
    2. Clean Water Act, Water Quality Criteria/Standards, TMDLs, and Weight-of-Evidence Approach for Regulating Water Quality
    3. Economic Value of Water: Estimation
    4. Flood Control Act of 1994
    5. Great Lakes Governors' Agreement
    6. Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative
    7. Interface between Federal Water Quality Regulation and State Allocation of Water Quantity
    8. Islamic Water Law
    9. Legal Protection for In-Stream Flow
    10. Negotiating between Authority and Polluters: An Approach to Managing Water Quality
    11. Quantitative Groundwater Law
    12. Regulatory Issues and Remediation: Risk, Costs, and Benefits
    13. Representing Geopolitics of (Hydro) Borders in South Asia
    14. Reserved Water Rights for Indian and Federal Lands
    15. The Clean Water Act
    16. The Constitution and Early Attempts at Rational Water Planning
    17. The National Pollution Discharge Elimination System
    18. The Safe Drinking Water Act
    19. Transboundary Waters in Latin America: Conflicts and Collaboration
    20. U.S./Canadian Boundary Waters Treaty and the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
    21. United States-Mexico Border Waters: Conventions, Treaties, and Institutions
    22. Water Quality
    23. Water Resource Organizations
    24. Water Supply Planning—Federal
    25. Water Transfers
    26. Wetlands Policy in the United States: From Drainage to Restoration
  13. Water Quality Control
  14. Water Resource Development and Management