Water Encyclopedia

Water Encyclopedia

Online ISBN: 9780471478447

DOI: 10.1002/047147844X

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  1. Agricultural Water
  2. Domestic Water Supply
  3. Ground Water Hydrology
  4. Industrial Water Supply
  5. Meteorology
  6. Municipal Water Supply
  7. Oceanography
  8. Physics and Chemistry of Water
  9. Surface Water Hydrology
  10. Waste Water Treatment
  11. Water History and Culture
  12. Water Law and Economics
  13. Water Quality Control
  14. Water Resource Development and Management
    1. Application of the Precautionary Principle to Water Science
    2. Assessment of Ecological Effects in Water-Limited Environments
    3. Averting Water Disputes
    4. Best Management Practices for Water Resources
    5. California— Continually the Nation's Leader in Water Use
    6. Conservation of Water
    7. Drought and Water Supply Management
    8. Drought in the Dust Bowl Years
    9. Drought Management Planning
    10. Ecoregions: A Spatial Framework for Environmental Management
    11. Effluent Water Regulations in Arid Lands
    12. Flood Control History in the Netherlands
    13. Flood of Portals on Water
    14. Food and Water in an Emergency
    15. Fuzzy Criteria for Water Resources Systems Performance Evaluation
    16. Globalization of Water
    17. Harvesting Rainwater
    18. How We Use Water in These United States
    19. Hydropower—Energy From Moving Water
    20. Institutional Aspects of Water Management in China
    21. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)
    22. Integration of Environmental Impacts into Water Resources Planning
    23. Lessons from the Rising Caspian
    24. Management of Water Resources for Drought Conditions
    25. Meeting Water Needs in Developing Countries with Tradable Rights
    26. NASA Helping to Understand Water Flow in the West
    27. Overview and Trends in the International Water Market
    28. Participatory Multicriteria Flood Management
    29. Planning and Managing Water Infrastructure
    30. Primitive and Advanced Water Harvesting Technology
    31. Reaching Out: Public Education and Community Involvement in Groundwater Protection
    32. Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Water Resources
    33. River Basin Decisions Support Systems
    34. Spot Prices, Option Prices, and Water Markets
    35. State and Regional Water Supply
    36. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources
    37. Sustainable Water Management On Mediterranean Islands: Research and Education
    38. The Development of American Water Resources: Planners, Politicians, and Constitutional Interpretation
    39. The Expansion of Federal Water Projects
    40. The Provision of Drinking Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries
    41. Transboundary Water Conflicts in the Nile Basin
    42. Urban Water Resource and Management in Asia: Ho Chi Minh City
    43. Valuing Water Resources
    44. Water and Coastal Resources
    45. Water Conservation—Every Drop Counts in Canada
    46. Water Demand Forecasting
    47. Water Infrastructure and Systems
    48. Water Managed in the Public Trust
    49. Water Markets in India: Economic and Institutional Aspects
    50. Water Markets: Transaction Costs and Institutional Options
    51. Water Pricing
    52. Water Recycling and Reuse: The Environmental Benefits
    53. Water Resource Sustainability: Concepts and Practices
    54. Water Resources Challenges in the Arab World
    55. Water Resources Management
    56. Water Resources of India
    57. Water Resources Systems Analysis
    58. Water Science Glossary of Terms
    59. Water Supply and Water Resources: Distribution System Research
    60. Water Use Conservation and Efficiency
    61. Water Use in the United States
    62. Water—Here, There, and Everywhere in Canada
    63. Will Water Scarcity Limit China's Agricultural Potential?