Handbook of Measuring System Design

Handbook of Measuring System Design

Online ISBN: 9780471497394

DOI: 10.1002/0471497398

About this Book

Welcome to the online edition of the Handbook of Measuring System Design

A 3 volume set, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference work covering the scientific fundamentals and practical considerations for designing, developing and implementing measuring systems in a broad range of engineering and technological fields.

Measuring systems lie at the heart of all science, engineering and technology, and are used to quantify physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure, voltage and current.  Rapid advances in computing and electronics have enabled the development of highly sophisticated measuring systems that can be utilized across many industrial fields.

The Handbook of Measuring System Design provides an authoritative and comprehensive reference that addresses a wide range of measurement-specific design and application problems in the fields of engineering and technology.  Building on a thorough treatment of foundational topics the Handbook presents a modern, ‘systems thinking’ approach and covers many areas that have received little attention elsewhere (systems, safety, design, legal and artificial intelligence).

Written by a variety of authors both from practice and from academia, our selection of articles, demonstrates the high quality and format of content throughout this three-volume reference.