Wiley Database of Polymer Properties

Wiley Database of Polymer Properties

Online ISBN: 9780471532057

DOI: 10.1002/0471532053

About this Database

About the Database

The Wiley Database of Polymer Properties is the single most comprehensive source of physical property data for polymers commercially available, with experimentally determined and selected data for over 2,500 polymers. The initial content is derived from the Polymer Handbook , known as THE essential print reference for every polymer scientist's laboratory (the "bible" of polymer physical data). By migrating the traditional print product to an online product, Wiley Online Library is offering an enhanced high-quality product that provides valuable new and faster research paths. The online product will be updated quarterly with the most current information available. Search features include the ability to search for polymers matching specific properties or ranges of properties, the ability to create custom tables for all the properties of a specific polymer, and the ability to access the full-text html for references to the primary literature via CrossRef .

Wiley Online Library now allows you to search across databases. Simultaneously search the Wiley Database of Polymer Properties with Wiley's extensive collection of polymer journals and a variety of other reference sources—including the Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology , the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology , and Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry —to make your research even more efficient.