Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures, Second Edition

Air Monitoring for Toxic Exposures, Second Edition

Author(s): Henry J. McDermott

Print ISBN: 9780471454359

Online ISBN: 9780471670582

DOI: 10.1002/0471670588


"...this up-to-date, comprehensive resource will be valuable for the industrial hygienist, emergency responder, and other safety and environmental health professional." (CHOICE, April 2005)

"The book should be in the library of every emergency response team as well as conventional sampling groups." (Journal of Hazardous Materials, March 2005)

"This second edition offers ready-to-use information for measuring a wide variety of airborne hazardous materials…" (CAB Abstracts, 2005)

"…the advances of sampling technology has greatly advanced and this text addresses them." (Industrial Hygiene News, January 2005)

"This work is highly recommended for academic, special, and industry libraries serving…all air sampling professionals who perform air monitoring…" (E-STREAMS, February 2005)