Flowgraph Models for Multistate Time-to-Event Data

Flowgraph Models for Multistate Time-to-Event Data

Author(s): Aparna V. Huzurbazar

Print ISBN: 9780471265146

Online ISBN: 9780471686569

DOI: 10.1002/0471686565

Series Editor(s): Walter A. Shewhart, Samuel S. Wilks


"…this is a well-written book on a novel and interesting approach to multistate modeling." (Biometrics, September 2006)

"This book is one that researchers interested in techniques for multistate models, either in reliability or biometry should look at." (Journal of the American Statistical Association, September 2006)

"…a real addition to the toolbox of both biostatisticians who use survival analysis and reliability engineers who do failure analysis on a regular basis." (Technometrics, February 2006)

"…illustrated with interesting examples…the book is particularly welcome…" (International Statistical Institute, January 2006)

"...a useful...account of the use of flowgraphy or semi-Markov parametric models in both industrial and biological applications." (Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics, September/October 2005)

"Methods are explained comprehensively, with extensive examples…data analysts would find valuable examples here for their own applications." (Computing Reviews.com, June 2, 2005)

"Fruitful medical and engineering examples and applications are presented…" (Zentralblatt Math, Vol.1055, No.06, 2005)