Software-Enabled Control: Information Technology for Dynamical Systems

Software-Enabled Control: Information Technology for Dynamical Systems

Editor(s): Tariq Samad, Gary Balas

Published Online: 28 JAN 2005

Print ISBN: 9780471234364

Online ISBN: 9780471722885

DOI: 10.1002/047172288X

About this Book

  • Discusses open systems, object orientation, software agents, domain-specific languages, component architectures, as well as the dramatic IT-enabled improvements in memory, communication, and processing resources that are now available for sophisticated control algorithms to exploit.
  • Useful for practitioners and researchers in the fields of real-time systems, aerospace engineering, embedded systems, and artificial intelligence.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Software Architectures for Real-Time Control

    1. Chapter 5

      A Prototype Open-Control Platform for Reconfigurable Control Systems (pages 63–84)

      L. Wills, S. Kannan, S. Sander, M. Guler, B. Heck, J. V. R. Prasad, D. Schrage and G. Vachtsevanos

    2. Chapter 8

      Embedded Control Systems Development with Giotto (pages 123–145)

      Thomas A. Henzinger, Benjamin Horowitz and Christoph Meyer Kirsch

  3. Part III: Online Modeling and Control

    1. Chapter 9

      Online Control Customization via Optimization-Based Control (pages 149–174)

      Richard M. Murray, John Hauser, Ali Jadbabaie, Mark B. Milam, Nicolas Petit, William B. Dunbar and Ryan Franz

    2. Chapter 10

      Model Predictive Neural Control for Aggressive Helicopter Maneuvers (pages 175–200)

      Eric A. Wan, Alexander A. Bogdanov, Richard Kieburtz, Antonio Baptista, Magnus Carlsson, Yinglong Zhang and Mike Zulauf

    3. Chapter 12

      An Intelligent Methodology for Real-Time Adaptive Mode Transitioning and Limit Avoidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (pages 225–252)

      George Vachtsevanos, Freeman Rufus, J. V. R. Prasad, Ilkay Yavrucuk, Daniel Schrage, Bonnie Heck and Linda Wills

  4. Part VI: Hybrid Dynamical Systems

    1. Chapter 17

      Towards Fault-Adaptive Control of Complex Dynamical Systems (pages 347–368)

      Gabor Karsai, Gautam Biswas, Sriram Narasimhan, Tal Pasternak, Sherif Abdelwahed, Tivadar Szemethy, Gabor Peceli, Gyula Simon and Tamas Kovacshazy

    2. Chapter 18

      Computational Tools for the Verification of Hybrid Systems (pages 369–392)

      Claire J. Tomlin, Stephen P. Boyd, Ian Mitchell, Alexandre Bayen, Mikael Johansson and Lin Xiao

  5. Part V: Conclusions

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