Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 153

Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 153

Author(s): Peter C. Meier, Richard E. Zünd

Print ISBN: 9780471293637

Online ISBN: 9780471728412

DOI: 10.1002/0471728411

Series Editor(s): J. D. Winefordner

Author Biography

About the Author

PETER C. MEIER, PhD, currently serves as Director for the Cilag A.G., a member of the Johnson & Johnson Company, and as a faculty member for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH-Z). The author/coauthor of 27 publications, Dr. Meier has held managerial positions in both Quality Assurance and pharmaceutical R&D, sat on the board of the former Swiss Society for Instrumental Analysis, and for many years was a member of Analytica Chimica Acta's Advisory Board.

RICHARD E. ZÜND, PhD, has been with Teranol A.G., a member of the Roche Group, since 1995 and is currently responsible for Teranol's IPC/QC/QA section, which covers, among other things, equipment, methods, statistics, audits, and specifications. Dr. Zünd is a member of Roche's Divisional QA and GMP Expert Team for the Vitamins and Fine Chemicals Sector. He previously headed the QA-IPC section and was strongly involved in ISO 9001 and LIMS projects, among other functions.