Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 153

Statistical Methods in Analytical Chemistry, Volume 153

Author(s): Peter C. Meier, Richard E. Zünd

Print ISBN: 9780471293637

Online ISBN: 9780471728412

DOI: 10.1002/0471728411

Series Editor(s): J. D. Winefordner


"This new edition of a successful, bestselling book continues to provide you with practical information on the use
of statistical methods for solving real-world problems in complex industrial environments."  (PDFCHM Online, 27 February 2013)

"...a comprehensive, very useful and clear guide for all analytical chemists..." (Annali di Chimica, Vol 153, 2000)

"Substantially updated...for lab supervisors and project mangers, and is useful...for advanced students of chemistry and pharmaceutical science." (SciTech Book News, Vol. 24, No. 2, June 2001)

"Its clarity, focus and logical approach to statistical analysis of chemical data make it a book that should appear on the bookshelf of most analytical chemists." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 123 No. 36)