Drug Discovery Handbook

Drug Discovery Handbook

Editor(s): Shayne Cox Gad

Published Online: 27 JAN 2005

Print ISBN: 9780471213840

Online ISBN: 9780471728788

DOI: 10.1002/0471728780

About this Book

The Drug Discovery Handbook gives professionals a tool to facilitate drug discovery by bringing together, for the first time in one resource, a compendium of methods and techniques that need to be considered when developing new drugs.

This comprehensive, practical guide presents an explanation of the latest techniques and methods in drug discovery, including:

  • Genomics, proteomics, high-throughput screening, and systems biology
  • Summaries of how these techniques and methods are used to discover new central nervous system agents, antiviral agents, respiratory drugs, oncology drugs, and more
  • Specific approaches to drug discovery, including problems that are encountered, solutions to these problems, and limitations of various methods and techniques

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 2

      Cancer Cell Proteomics Using Molecular Aptamers (pages 73–85)

      Weihong Tan, Zehui Cao, Dihua Shangguan, Ying Li, Zhiwen Tang, Prabodhika Mallikratchy and Hui Chen

    3. Chapter 4

      Systems Biology: Applications in Drug Discovery (pages 123–183)

      Sean Ekins, Andrej Bugrim, Yuri Nikolsky and Tatiana Nikolskaya

    4. Chapter 5

      High-Throughput Flow Cytometry (pages 185–226)

      Larry A. Sklar, Peter C. Simons, Anna Waller, Sean M. Biggs, Susan M. Young, Marius Olah, Cristian Bologa, Tudor I. Oprea, Eric R. Prossnitz and Bruce S. Edwards

    5. Chapter 8

      Age of Regulation (pages 337–351)

      Sandy Weinberg and Gerald J. Whartenby

    6. Chapter 10

      Protein X-ray Crystallography in Drug Discovery (pages 373–455)

      Peter Nollert, Michael D. Feese, Bart L. Staker and Hidong Kim

    7. Chapter 13

      High-Throughput Screening: Evolution of Technology and Methods (pages 559–602)

      Martyn N. Banks, Angela M. Cacace, Jonathan O'Connell and John G. Houston

    8. Chapter 14

      Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence: Application to High-Throughput Screening and Drug Discovery (pages 603–666)

      Kadir Aslan, Ignacy Gryczynski, Joanna Malicka, Joseph R. Lakowicz and Chris D. Geddes

    9. Chapter 17

      Design and Pharmaceutical Applications of Prodrugs (pages 733–796)

      Tomi Järvinen, Jarkko Rautio, Mar Masson and Thorsteinn Loftsson

    10. Chapter 18

      GABA and Glutamate Receptor Ligands and Their Therapeutic Potential in CNS Disorders (pages 797–907)

      Ulf Madsen, Hans Bräuner-Osborne, Jeremy R. Greenwood, Tommy N. Johansen, Povl Krogsgaard-Larsen, Tommy Liljefors, Mogens Nielsen and Bente Frølund

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