Fundamentals of Electrochemistry, Second Edition

Fundamentals of Electrochemistry, Second Edition

Author(s): V. S. Bagotsky

Print ISBN: 9780471700586

Online ISBN: 9780471741992

DOI: 10.1002/047174199X

Author Biography

About the Author

VLADIMIR S. BAGOTSKY, PHD, is a retired professor from the Frumkin Institute of Electrochemistry at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Previously, he headed a department at the Moscow Power Sources Institute, where he supervised the development of new batteries for most Russian ICBMs, sputniks, and spacecrafts. He has extensive experience with both theoretical and applied electrochemistry. He has authored 400 scientific papers and four monographs, including, in 1952 (together with Professor A. N. Frumkin et al.), the first monograph on electrochemical kinetics, titled Kinetics of Electrode Processes, and served on the editorial boards of Journal of Power Sources and Elektrokhimiya.