Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

Magnetic Actuators and Sensors

Author(s): John R. Brauer

Published Online: 31 JAN 2006

Print ISBN: 9780471731696

Online ISBN: 9780471777717

DOI: 10.1002/0471777714

About this Book

This practical text features computer-aided engineering methods for the design and application of magnetic actuators and sensors, using the latest software tools. John Brauer highlights the use of the electromagnetic finite element software package Maxwell? SV and introduces readers to applications using SPICE, MATLAB?, and Simplorer?. A free download of Maxwell? SV is available at the Ansoft site, and the software files for the examples are available at

The text is divided into four parts:
* Part One, Magnetics, offers an introduction to magnetic actuators and sensors as well as basic electromagnetics, followed by an examination of the reluctance method, the finite element method, magnetic force, and other magnetic performance parameters
* Part Two, Actuators, explores DC actuators, AC actuators, and magnetic actuator transient operation
* Part Three, Sensors, details Hall effect and magnetoresistance as they apply to sensing position. Readers are introduced to many other types of magnetic sensors
* Part Four, Systems, covers aspects of systems common to both magnetic actuators and sensors, including coil design and temperature calculations, electromagnetic compatibility, electromechanical finite elements, and electromechanical analysis using system models. The final chapter sets forth the advantages of electrohydraulic systems that incorporate magnetic actuators and/or sensors

A major thrust of this book is teaching by example. In addition to solved examples provided by the author, problems at the end of each chapter help readers to confirm their understanding of new skills and techniques. References, provided in each chapter, help readers explore particular topics in greater depth.

With its emphasis on problem solving and applications, this is an ideal textbook for electrical and mechanical engineers enrolled in upper-level undergraduate and graduate classes in electromechanical engineering.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Magnetics

  2. Part II: Actuators

  3. Part III: Sensors

  4. Part IV: Systems

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