Organic-Chemical Drugs and their Synonyms

Organic-Chemical Drugs and their Synonyms

Online ISBN: 9783527303700

DOI: 10.1002/3527303707

About this Database

About the Handbook

For all scientists concerned with the development of new drugs, the print version of this standard work is well-known as "the Negwer". This indispensable source of information is availabe online! The search tools include text, structures and compound classes.

The eighth edition of the Negwer compiles more than 19.000 chemically unique drugs with more than 130.000 synonyms. The organo-chemical drugs are arranged by increasing molecular formulas. The following items are given for each of the drugs included: an own consecutive number, the molecular formula, the Chemical Abstracts Service index number (CAS number), the structural formula, references, the synonyms used to identify the drugs (names adopted by certain institutions, common trivial names, names adopted by manufacturers, experimental names, abbreviations; and, marked with asterisks, the nonproprietary names proposed by the WHO), characterization and therapeutic use. More information about these features are given below. The group index (for finding drugs related to each other chemically or pharmacologically), the CAS number index, and the index of synonyms facilitate working with the Negwer.

About the Authors

The authors Dr. Martin Negwer and Dr. H.-G. Scharnow will continuously update the database with new drugs in close collaboration with FIZ CHEMIE Berlin.