Characterization of Nanophase Materials

Characterization of Nanophase Materials

Editor(s): Zhong Lin Wang

Published Online: 8 OCT 2001

Print ISBN: 9783527298372

Online ISBN: 9783527600090

DOI: 10.1002/3527600094

About this Book

Engineering of nanophase materials and devices is of vital interest in electronics, semiconductors and optics, catalysis, ceramics and magnetism. Research associated with nanoparticles has widely spread and diffused into every field of scientific research, forming a trend of nanocrystal engineered materials.
The unique properties of nanophase materials are entirely determined by their atomic scale structures, particularly the structures of interfaces and surfaces. Development of nanotechnology involves several steps, of which characterization of nanoparticles is indespensable to understand the behavior and properties of nanoparticles, aiming at implementing nanotechnolgy, controlling their behavior and designing new nanomaterials systems with super performance.
The book will focus on structural and property characterization of nanocrystals and their assemblies, with an emphasis on basic physical approach, detailed techniques, data interpretation and applications.
Intended readers of this comprehensive reference work are advanced graduate students and researchers in the field, who are specialized in materials chemistry, materials physics and materials science.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Technical Approaches

    1. Chapter 7

      Optical Spectroscopy of Nanophase Materials (pages 197–241)

      C. Burda, T. Green, C. Landes, S. Link, R. Little, J. Petroski and M. A. El-Sayed

  2. Part II: Nanocrystal Systems

    1. Chapter 9

      Photoluminescence from Single Semiconductor Nanostructures (pages 261–287)

      Stephen Empedocles, Robert Neuhauser, Kentaro Shimizu and Moungi Bawendi