Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Industrial Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Author(s): Dr. Heinrich Klefenz

Published Online: 13 MAR 2002

Print ISBN: 9783527299959

Online ISBN: 9783527600120

DOI: 10.1002/3527600124

About this Book

This volume focuses on pharmaceutical biotechnology as a key area of life sciences. The complete range of concepts, processes and technologies of biotechnology is applied in modern industrial pharmaceutical research, development and production. The results of genome sequencing and studies of biological-genetic function are combined with chemical, micro-electronic and microsystem technology to produce medical devices and diagnostic biochips. A multitude of biologically active molecules is expanded by additional novel structures created with newly arranged gene clusters and bio-catalytic chemical processes.
New organisational structures in the co-operation of institutes, companies and networks enable faster knowledge and product development and immediate application of the results of research and process development.
This book is the ideal source of information for scientists and engineers in research and development, for decision-makers in biotech, pharma and chemical corporations, as well as for research institutes, but also for founders of biotech companies and people working for venture capital corporations.

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