Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Online ISBN: 9783527600434

DOI: 10.1002/3527600434

What's New

In November 2014, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and its Applications

·         Cancer Therapy with Ion Beams

·         Fundamentals of Controlled Nuclear Fission and Essential Characteristics of Pressurized-Water Reactors

·         Fusion Energy by Magnetic Confinement

·         Generation IV Nuclear Reactors

·         Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion

·         Neutron Stars

·         Nuclear Medicine

·         Relativistic Nucleus–Nucleus Collisions

·         Supernovae and their Nucleosynthesis

·         The Physics of Nuclear Power from Fission and Fusion

·         Transmutation of High-Level Nuclear Waste by Means of Accelerator Driven System (ADS)

In April 2014, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Exotic Nuclear Beam Facilities

·         Neutrino Astrophysics

·         Nuclear Structure

·         Nuclear Astrophysics

·         Nuclear Reactions

·         Physics of the Neutron

·         Superheavy Nuclei

·         The Proton

·         Electrostatic Accelerators

·         Optics and Nuclear Photonics

·         Linear Accelerators

·         Nuclear γ-Spectroscopy and the γ-Spheres


In April 2011, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Chemical Analysis

·         Chemical Analysis Metrology

·         Fundamental Constants

·         Fundamentals of Materials Measurement and Testing

·         Laser Spectroscopy

·         Measurement and Instrumentation of Flow

·         Measurement of Basic Electromagnetic Quantities

·         Measurement of Mass and Density

·         Metrology in Medicine

·         Metrology of Time and Frequency

·         Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

·         Quantum Electrical Standards

·         Ultrasonics

·         Uncertainty

·         Units


In January 2010, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Atomic Spectroscopy and Elemental Analysis

·         Biomolecular Structures by Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

·         Chemometrics and Multivariate Analysis

·         Chromatography

·         Colorimetry

·         Condensed Phase Ultrafast Dynamics

·         Electromagnetic Radiation

·         Electron Scattering by Atoms, Ions and Molecules

·         Fourier and Other Mathematical Transforms

·         Infrared Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy

·         Laser Sources

·         Linear Laser Spectroscopies

·         Mass Spectrometry

·         Mössbauer Spectroscopy

·         Molecular Fluorescence

·         Muon Spectroscopy

·         Neutron Spectroscopy

·         Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry

·         Optical Spectroscopy of Biological Materials

·         Photoemission and Photoelectron Spectrometry

·         Photophysical and Photochemical Dynamics

·         Positron Spectroscopy

·         Raman Scattering for Speciation and Analysis

·         Resonance Energy Transfer

·         Single Molecule Fluorescence: Biophysics

·         Surface Second Harmonic and Sum-Frequency Generation

·         Ultrafast Spectroscopy

·         Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrometers

·         Ultraviolet and Visible Absorption Spectrometers

·         X-Ray Spectroscopy


In October 2009, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Applied String Theory

·         Calorimeters in Particle Physics

·         Cyclotrons

·         Design and Application of Cyclotrons

·         Electrostatic Accelerators

·         Free-Electron Lasers

·         Gamma-Ray Spectrometers

·         Linear Accelerators

·         Managing the Extreme Dataflow of LHC Experiments

·         Neutrino Astrophysics

·         Nuclear Reactions

·         Nuclear Structure

·         Particle Colliders

·         Particle Impact Phenomena

·         Particle Physics

·         Quantum Mechanics

·         Radioactivity

·         Silicon Semiconductor Detectors for Particle Imaging

·         Special Relativity

·         The Standard Model of Elementary Particles

·         Strong Interaction

·         Synchrotrons and Storage Rings

·         Targets for Particle Accelerators

·         Tracking in Particle Detectors

·         Weak Interaction


In August 2009, the following articles were updated or added:

·         Biological Effects of Electromagnetic and Particle Radiation

·         Biological Effects of Sound and Ultrasound

·         Biomedical Imaging Technologies

·         Biorheology

·         Biosimulation and Computations in Systems Biology

·         Chiral Raman and Single Molecule Spectroscopy

·         DNA Biomechanics

·         Dynamics of Individual Muscular Protein Molecules

·         Electron Interactions and Currents in CFT, a Current Functional Theory Applied to Molecules

·         Excited State Dynamics in Biomolecules

·         Exploring Excited State Processes in Photosynthesis — Features of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting

·         Ion Channels

·         Lipid Membrane Technology

·         Models of Membrane Fusion

·         Molecular Dynamics Computations for Proteins: A Case Study in Membrane Ion Permeation

·         Neurobiophysics

·         Optical Tweezers Techniques

·         Organic Superconductors

·         Physical Properties of Biological Membranes

·         Protein Dynamics — Concepts and Experimental Tools

·         Protein–Lipid Interactions in Biological Membranes

·         Quantum Molecular Biological Methods Using Density Functional Theory

·         Radiationless Auger-Like Electronic Transitions in Biomolecules: Bio-Auger Process

·         Raman Spectroscopy in Medicine

·         Raman Spectroscopy in Virus Structure Analysis

·         Single Molecule Biophysics with Fluorescence

·         The Use of Microwaves in Molecular Biophysics

·         X-Ray Methods for Investigation of Structures of Lipid Assemblies


In June 2009, the following articles were added:

·         Introduction to Radiation Detectors

·         Temperature Measurement


In July 2008, the following article was added:

·         Ceramic Materials for Advanced Solid Oxide Fuel Cells


In November 2007 , the following articles were added:

·         Deforming Nanocrystalline Metals: New Insights, New Puzzles

·         Nanotechnological Aspects in Materials for Hydrogen Storage

·         Nanotechnology: An Approach to Mimic Natural Architectures and Concepts

·         Separation Techniques for Carbon Nanotubes


In July 2005 , the following articles were updated or added:

·         Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation

·         Atmospheric Optics

·         Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers: High-Power Operation

·         Geometric Optics

·         Holography

·         Imaging Detectors

·         Information Processing, Optical

·         Interferometry

·         Lasers, Dye

·         Luminescence

·         Microoptics

·         Microscopy

·         Optical Materials

·         Optical Techniques for Mechanical Measurement

·         Optical Techniques for the Analysis and Characterization of Chemicals and Materials

·         Optoelectronics

·         Perturbation Methods

·         Radiation Interaction with Molecules

·         Sensors, Optical

·         Spectrometers, Infrared

·         Spectroscopy, Raman

·         X-ray Optics