Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Online ISBN: 9783527600434

DOI: 10.1002/3527600434

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  1. Acoustics
  2. Atomic and Molecular Physics
  3. Biophysical and Medical Physics
  4. Condensed Matter A: Structure and Mechanical Properties
  5. Condensed Matter B: Thermal, Acoustic, and Quantum Properties
    1. Acoustic Properties of Liquids
    2. Diffusion and Ionic Conduction in Liquids
    3. Diffusion in Thin Films
    4. Equations of State
    5. Heat-Pulse Propagation in Solids
    6. Ionic Conduction and Diffusion in Solids
    7. Lattice Vibrations, Statistics of
    8. Phase Equilibria
    9. Phase Separation
    10. Phase Transitions, Structural
    11. Phase Transitions: Renormalization and Scaling
    12. Phonons in Crystal Lattices
    13. Solids, Acoustical Properties of
    14. Solids, Diffusion in
    15. Sonoluminescence
    16. Thermal Conduction In Metallic Liquids
    17. Thermal Conduction in Nonmetallic Liquids
    18. Thermal Conduction In Solids
    19. Thermoluminescence
    20. Vibrational States In Disordered Solids
  6. Condensed Matter C: Electronic Properties
  7. Condensed Matter D: Magnetic Properties
  8. Condensed Matter E: Dielectrical and Optical Properties
  9. Condensed Matter F: Surfaces and Interfaces
  10. Electricity and Magnetism
  11. Energy Research and Environmental Physics
  12. Fluids and Plasma Physics
  13. General Aspects: Mathematical, Computational, and Information Techniques
  14. Geophysics, Meteorology, Space Physics, and Aeronautics
  15. Materials Science
  16. Measurement Science, General Devices and / or Methods
  17. Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
  18. Optics (classical and quantum)
  19. Physical Chemistry
  20. Thermodynamics and Properties of Gases