Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Encyclopedia of Applied Physics

Online ISBN: 9783527600434

DOI: 10.1002/3527600434

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  1. Acoustics
  2. Atomic and Molecular Physics
  3. Biophysical and Medical Physics
    1. Aerospace Medical Physics
    2. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic and Particle Radiation
    3. Biological Effects of Electromagnetic and Particle Radiation: Addendum
    4. Biological Effects of Sound and Ultrasound
    5. Biological Effects of Sound and Ultrasound: Addendum
    6. Biomagnetism and Geomagnetic Field Detection by Organisms
    7. Biomagnetism, Medical Aspects
    8. Biomechanics of Living Organisms
    9. Biomedical Engineering
    10. Biomedical Imaging Technologies
    11. Biomedical uses of Radiation
    12. Biophysics
    13. Biorheology
    14. Biosimulation and Computations in Systems Biology
    15. Cellular Biomechanics
    16. Chiral Raman and Single Molecule Spectroscopy
    17. Color Vision
    18. DNA Biomechanics
    19. Dynamics of Individual Muscular Protein Molecules
    20. Electrical Conduction and Dielectric Behavior in Biological Systems
    21. Electron Interactions and Currents in CFT, a Current Functional Theory Applied to Molecules
    22. Energetics of Biological Processes
    23. Excited State Dynamics in Biomolecules
    24. Exploring Excited State Processes in Photosynthesis — Features of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting
    25. Infrared Molecular Vibrational Spectroscopy
    26. Ion Channels
    27. Lasers, Medical Use of
    28. Lipid Membrane Technology
    29. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    30. Models of Membrane Fusion
    31. Molecular Dynamics Computations for Proteins: A Case Study in Membrane Ion Permeation
    32. Molecular Fluorescence
    33. Neurobiophysics
    34. Neurobiophysics: Addendum
    35. Biomolecular Structures by Solution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
    36. Nucleic Acids
    37. Optical Illusions
    38. Optical Spectroscopy of Biological Materials
    39. Optical Tomography
    40. Optical Tweezers Techniques
    41. Organic Superconductors
    42. Photosynthesis
    43. Physical Properties of Biological Membranes
    44. Physiological Optics
    45. Prostheses and Artificial Limbs
    46. Prosthetic Materials
    47. Protein Dynamics
    48. Protein Dynamics — Concepts and Experimental Tools
    49. Protein–Lipid Interactions in Biological Membranes
    50. Proteins and Enzymes
    51. Quantum Molecular Biological Methods Using Density Functional Theory
    52. Radiationless Auger-Like Electronic Transitions in Biomolecules: Bio-Auger Process
    53. Raman Spectroscopy in Medicine
    54. Raman Spectroscopy in Virus Structure Analysis
    55. Single Molecule Biophysics with Fluorescence
    56. Single-Molecule Fluorescence: Biophysics
    57. Tomography, Positron-Emission
    58. Ultrasonic Biophysics
    59. The Use of Microwaves in Molecular Biophysics
    60. Vesicles And Biomembranes
    61. X-Ray Imaging, Medical: Tomography and Radiography
    62. X-Ray Methods for Investigation of Structures of Lipid Assemblies
  4. Condensed Matter A: Structure and Mechanical Properties
  5. Condensed Matter B: Thermal, Acoustic, and Quantum Properties
  6. Condensed Matter C: Electronic Properties
  7. Condensed Matter D: Magnetic Properties
  8. Condensed Matter E: Dielectrical and Optical Properties
  9. Condensed Matter F: Surfaces and Interfaces
  10. Electricity and Magnetism
  11. Energy Research and Environmental Physics
  12. Fluids and Plasma Physics
  13. General Aspects: Mathematical, Computational, and Information Techniques
  14. Geophysics, Meteorology, Space Physics, and Aeronautics
  15. Materials Science
  16. Measurement Science, General Devices and / or Methods
  17. Nuclear and Elementary Particle Physics
  18. Optics (classical and quantum)
  19. Physical Chemistry
  20. Superconductivity
  21. Thermodynamics and Properties of Gases