Azolides in Organic Synthesis and Biochemistry

Azolides in Organic Synthesis and Biochemistry

Author(s): H. A. Staab, H. Bauer, K. M. Schneider

Published Online: 20 AUG 2003

Print ISBN: 9783527293148

Online ISBN: 9783527600830

DOI: 10.1002/3527600833

About this Book

In the late fifties and early sixties H. A. Staab discovered N,N'-carbonyl-diimidazole (CDI), its analogues, and the family of azolides derived from them. Soon these compounds became widely appreciated as synthetic building blocks of unsurpassed diversity. The spectrum of substances, that can be obtained via mild acylation with azolides includes esters, amides, ketones, aldehydes, as well as heterocycles, peptides, glycosides, and nucleotides.

Now, H. A. Staab, the 'father' of these useful compounds, together with his coauthors H. Bauer and K. M. Schneider, has gathered their preparation, properties, and manifold applications in a comprehensive and topical overview.

Are you in the field of synthesis of natural products, biomolecules, heterocycles, or other complicated organic compounds? Then, your first glance might well be into 'Staab'- this handbook should always be within reach of your desk or lab bench.

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