Reviews in Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine

Reviews in Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine

Online ISBN: 9783527600908

DOI: 10.1002/3527600906

Editor(s): Dr. Robert A. Meyers

What's New

October 2016

Volume 2 Issue 4 is now online

Translational Medicine in Cancer
The Molecular Genetics of Retinoblastoma

Timothy W. Corson and Helen Dimaras

Gold and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Antibody Guides to Find and Destroy Cancer Cells
Stephanie A. Parker, Isabel A. Soto, Dickson K. Kirui, Cameron L. Bardliving and Carl A. Batt

Translational Medicine in Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Quantum Dots for Biomedical Delivery Applications
Abolfazl Akbarzadeh, Sedigheh Fekri Aval, Roghayeh Sheervalilou, Leila Fekri, Nosratollah Zarghami and Mozhdeh Mohammadian

Stem Cells
Growing Mini-Organs from Stem Cells
Hiroyuki Koike, Tamir Rashid and Takanori Takebe

Frontiers in Developmental Biology
Development of the Autonomic Nervous System
Wing Hei Chan, Lincon A. Stamp, Caroline S. Hirst, Sonja J. McKeown, Colin R. Anderson and Heather M. Young

July 2016

Volume 2 Issue 3 is now online

Fronteirs in Developmental Biology
Systematics and Evolution
Jeffrey H. Scwartz

Modes and Mechanisms of Speciation
Hannes Schuler, Glen R. Hood, Scott P. Egan and Jeffrey L. Feder

Origination, Variation and Conservation of Animal Body Plan Development
Stuart A. Newman

Molecular Darwinism: Natural Strategies of Spontaneous Genetic Variation and their Specific Molecular Mechanisms
Werner Arber

Translational Medicine in Cancer
Cancer Metastasis Redux
Gary A. Clawson

Intracellular Signaling in Cancer
David M. Terrian, Brian D. Lehmann and James A. McCubrey

DNA in Neoplastic Disease Diagnosis
Eric Q. Konnick, Cecilia C.S. Yeung and David Wu

Translational Medicine in Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry
Michael T. Williams

April 2016

Volume 2 Issue 2 is now online

Translational Medicine: Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Structure-Aided Drug Discovery and NMR-Based Screening
Lee Quill, Michael Overduin and Mark Jeeves

Tuberculosis Drug Development
Kingsley N. Ukwaja

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Laura Mansi, Franck Pagès and Olivier Adotévi

Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Genetic Oscillators
Nicholas C. Butzin and William H. Mathes

RNA Protocells
Pierre-Alain Monnard and David Deamer

Plant Genome Surveillance by Small RNAs and Long Noncoding RNAs
Yi Li and Feng Qu

Developmental Biology
Regulation in the early Drosophila Embryo
Brian Gebelein and Jun Ma

Deciphering the Epigenetic Code of Embryonic Neurogenesis
Abhijeet Pataskar, Johannes Jung and Vijay K. Tiwari

January 2016

Volume 2 Issue 1 is now online

Molecular Morphogenesis: Gene Expression Patterns in Animals
Xiaohong Wang and Werner E.G. Müller

Hit-to-Lead Medicinal Chemistry
Simon E. Ward and Paul Beswick

Neurological Biomarkers
Henrik Zetterberg

Nuclear Transfer for Cloning Animals
Andras Dinnyes, Xiuchun (Cindy) Tian and Björn Oback

Developmental Cell Biology
Frank J. Dye

Synthetic Biology in Biofuels Production
Rahul Singh, Anu Jose Mattam, Pavan Jutur and Syed Shams Yazdani

Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Diols
Katarzyna Leja, Dorota Samul, Piotr Kubiak, Agnieszka Drożdżyńska, Alicja Kośmider, Wojciech Juzwa, Mariusz Lesiecki and Katarzyna Czaczyk

Immunotherapy with Autologous Cells
Andrew D. Fesnak and Bruce L. Levine

Theoretical Foundations of Cancer Chemotherapy
Fatemeh Ghari and Nicholas B. La Thangue

Carbon Nanotubes for Enhanced Biopharmaceutical Delivery
Harikrishna Rallapalli and Bryan Ronain Smith

October 2015

Volume 1 Issue 3 is now online

Genetic Engineering of Antibody Molecules
Christian Payés, Tracy Daniels-Wells, Paolo Maffia, Manuel Penichet, Sherie Morrison and Gustavo Helguera

RNA Metabolism and Drug Design
Eriks Rozners

RNA Silencing Movement in Plants
Glykeria Mermigka, Frédéric Verret and Kriton Kalantidis

Role of Microbiota in Cancer Therapy
Phillip Daschner

Role of Scavenger Receptors in Immune Recognition and Targeting of Nanoparticles
Guankui Wang and Dmitri Simberg

RNA Interference in Cancer Therapy
Barbara Pasculli and George Calin

Peter Heintzman, André Soares, Dan Chang and Beth Shapiro

Biosynthesis and Directed Evolution of Unnatural Peptides and Proteins
Travis Young

Analogs and Antagonists of Male Sex Hormones
Robert Brueggemeier

Targeted Therapy: Genomic Approaches
Tim Beck, Linary Gabitova and Ilya Serebriiskii

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography of Peptides and Proteins
Reinhard Boysen

Cancer Etiology
Graham Colditz and Chetan Vakkalagadda

July 2015

Volume 1 Issue 2 is now online

Stem Cells
Stem Cell Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease
Rahasson Ager and Frank LaFerla

Neural Transplantation: Evidence from the Rodent Cerebellum
Katty Leto and Ferdinando Rossi

Mass Spectroscopy-Based Methods of Proteome Analysis
Mihir Jaiswal, Michael Washburn and Boris Zybailov

Growth Factors and Cytokines
Antony Burgess

Microfluidics in Nanomedicine
YongTae Kim and Robert Langer

Bone Tissue Engineering: nanomedicine Approaches
Michael Frohbergh, Peter Newman, Calogera Simonaro and Hala Zreiqat

Translational Medicine: Cancer
Cancer of the Prostate Gland: Molecular Genetics
Sharanjot Saini and Rajvir Dahiya

Molecular Biology of Liver Cancer
Tulin Ersahin, Mehmet Ozturk and Rengul Cetin-Atalay

Tumor Immunology
Sukhmani Paddu, Rupa Narayan, Bryan Burt and Edgar Engelman

Radioactive Microbes: Cancer Therapy Approaches
Ekatarina Dadachova

Metabolomic Imaging for Cancer Detection
Emily Decelle and Leo Cheng

Translational Medicine: Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Pharmacokinetics of Peptides and Proteins
Chetan Rathi and Bernd Meibohm

April 2015

Volume 1 Issue 1 is now online

The first issue of Reviews in Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine is now available, containing articles on Nanomedicine, Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery, Cancer and Proteins:

Molecular Mediators: Cytokines
Jean-Marc Cavaillon

Carl E. Creutz

Vincent Béringue

Maurizio Brunori, Adriana Erica Miele

Strategies for Targeting Cancer Stem Cells
Allan Mufson

Cancer Pharmacogenomics
Daniel L. Hertz and Howard McLeod

Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery
Cancer Pharmacogenomics
Daniel L. Hertz and Howard McLeod

RNA Interference to Treat Virus Infections
Karim Majzoub and Jean-Luc Imler

Physical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics
M. Sherry Ku

Natural Product Based Drug Discovery
Shoaib Ahmad

Nanoparticle Conjugates for Small Interfering RNA Delivery
Timothy L. Sita and Alexander H. Stegh

Cholesterol in Nanobiotechnology
Philipp Schattling, Yan Zhang, Boon Teo and Brigitte Städler

Graphene and Graphene derivatives in Biosensing, Imaging, Therapeutics and Genetic Engineering
Kim Truc Nguyen and Yanli Zhao

October 2014

NEW and updated articles on Synthetic Biology

DNA Origami Nanobots
Ido Bachelet

The Emergence of the First Cells
Antoine Danchin

The Minimal Gene-Set Machinery
Rosario Gil

Production of Mitochondrial Genome and Chromosomal DNA Segments Highly Engineered for Use in Mouse Genetics by a Bacillus subtilis-based BGM Vector System
Mitsuhiro Itaya and Shinya Kaneko

SynBioSS Designer Modeling Suite
Konstantinos Biliouris, Emma Weeding and Yiannis Kaznessis

The Synthetic Biology Approach to Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Boon Chin Heng and Martin Fussenegger

Synthetic Biology Approaches for Regenerative Medicine
Elise cachat, Kim C. Martin and Jamie A. Davies

Synthetic Biology Approaches for Vaccine Development
Sam H. Shen, Bruce Futscher, Chen Yang and Eckard Wimmer

Synthetic Biology Approaches to Cell Therapy
Sung-Ho Paek and Warren C. Ruder

Synthetic Biology in Metabolic Engineering
From Complex Biochemical Pathways to Compartmentalized Metabolic Processes - A Vitamin Connection

Evelyne Deery, Stefanie Frank, Andrew Lawrence, Simon Moore, Susanne Schroeder and Martin J. Warren

Synthetic Biology of Antiibiotic Production
Eriko Takano and Rainer Breitling

Synthetic Gene Circuits
Barbara Jusiak, Ramiz Daniel, Fahim Farzadfard, Lio Nissim, Oliver Purcell, Jacob Rubens and Timothy K. Lu

Synthetic Genetic Polymers Functioning to Store and Propagate Information by Genetic Alphabet Expansion
Ichiro Hirao

Synthetic Hybrid Biosensors
Apoorv Shanker, Kangwon Lee and Jinseng Kim

MORE new articles on RNA Regulation are now available:

In April, we published more new and updated articles in our RNA Regulation topic:

Bacterial trans-Translation: From Functions to Applications
Emmanuel Giudice and Reynald Gilleti

Emerging Clinical Applications and Pharmacology of RNA
Sailen Barik and Vira Bitko

Regulation of Gene Expression
Anil Kumar, Sarika Garg and Neha Garg

RNA as a Regulator of Chromatin Structure
Yota Murakami

RNA Interference in Animals
Mikiko Suomi

RNA Modifications
Yuri Motorin and Bruno Charpentier

RNAi Synthetic Logic Circuits for Sensing, Information Processing, and Actuation
Zhen Xie, Liliana Wroblewska and Ron Weiss

RNAi to Treat Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
Usman Ali Ashfaq, Saba Khaliq and Shah Jahan

To Translate or Degrade: Cytoplasmic mRNA Decision Mechanisms
Daniel Beisang and Paul R. Bohjanens

Translation Regulation by microRNAs in Acute Leukemia
Christos K. Kontos, Diamantina Vasilatou, Sotirios G. Papageorgiou and Andreas Scorilas

October 2013

AVAILABLE NOW...New articles on RNA Regulation

RNA Regulation in Apoptosis
Christopher von Roretz and Imed-Eddine Gallouzi

RNA-mediated Control of Bacterial Gene Expression: Role of Regulatory non-Coding RNAs
Pierre Mandin, Alejandro Toledo-Arana, Aymeric Fouquier d’H´erouel, and Francis Repoila

mRNA Stability
Ashley T. Neff , Carol J. Wilusz, and Jeffrey Wilusz

Intracellular RNA Localization and Localized Translation
Florence Besse

Visualization of RNA and RNA Interactions in Cells
Natalia E. Broude

RNAi Gene Therapy to Combat HIV-1 Infection
Pierre Corbeau

Bacterial Vectors for RNAi Delivery to Cancer Cells
Hermann Lage

RNA Silencing in Plants
Charles W. Melnyk and C. Jake Harris

Virus-Encoded microRNAs
Lee Tuddenham and Sébastien Pfeffer

RNA Regulation in Myogenesis
Andrie Koutsoulidou, Nikolaos P. Mastroyiannopoulos, and Leonidas A. Phylactou

RNAi Screening and Assays
Marie Lundbæk and På l Sætrom

Regulation of Animal Gene Expression by Ingested Plant Small RNAs
Xi Chen, Lin Zhang, and Chen-Yu Zhang