Reviews in Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine

Reviews in Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine

Online ISBN: 9783527600908

DOI: 10.1002/3527600906

Editor(s): Dr. Robert A. Meyers

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  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biomolecular Interactions
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Cell Biology
  5. Epigenetic Regulation and Epigenomics
  6. Frontiers in Developmental Biology
  7. Molecular Biology of Specific Diseases
    1. AIDS/HIV, Molecular and Cell Biology
    2. Alzheimer's Disease
    3. Anthrax ( Bacillus anthracis ), Molecular Biology of
    4. Autoimmunity in Scleroderma
    5. Cytomegalovirus and Varicella–Zoster Virus Vaccines
    6. Diabetes Insipidus, Molecular Biology of
    7. DNA Damage Induced by Ultraviolet Radiation
    8. Endocrinology, Molecular
    9. Epigenetic Mechanisms in Tumorigenesis
    10. Gaucher Disease, Molecular Biology of
    11. Gene Expression and Replication of Picornaviruses
    12. Gene Therapy and Cardiovascular Diseases
    13. Genetics and Molecular Biology of Lung Cancer
    14. Genomic Responses to Oxidative Stress
    15. Hemophilia, Molecular Genetics of
    16. Immunosuppressive Factors in Cancer
    17. Immunotoxins and Recombinant Immunotoxins in Cancer Therapy
    18. Insulin Resistance, Diabetes and its Complications
    19. Intracellular Signaling in Cancer
    20. Ionizing Radiation Damage to DNA
    21. Motor Neuron Diseases: Cellular and Animal Models
    22. Motor Neuron Diseases: Molecular Mechanism, Pathophysiology, and Treatments
    23. Mucoviscidosis (Cystic Fibrosis), Molecular Cell Biology of
    24. Mutagenesis, Malignancy and Genome Instability
    25. Neural Tube Defects, Molecular Biology of
    26. Oncogenes
    27. Preparedness for Bioterrorism
    28. Receptor, Transporter and Ion Channel Diseases
    29. Retinoblastoma, Molecular Genetics of
    30. Streptomyces , Molecular Biology of
    31. Synovial Mast Cells in Inflammatory Arthritis
    32. Triplet Repeat Diseases
  8. Molecular Biology of Specific Organisms
  9. Molecular Biology of Specific Organs or Systems
  10. Nanomedicine
  11. Nucleic Acids
  12. Pharmacology
  13. Proteins, Peptides and Amino Acids
  14. RNA Regulation
  15. Stem Cells
  16. Structural Determination Techniques (DNA, RNA and Protein)
  17. Synthetic Biology
  18. Systems Biology
  19. Translational Medicine in Cancer
  20. Translational Medicine in Molecular Pharmacology and Drug Discovery