Cellular Proteins and Their Fatty Acids in Health and Disease

Cellular Proteins and Their Fatty Acids in Health and Disease

Editor(s): Asim K. Duttaroy, Friedrich Spener

Published Online: 8 SEP 2004

Print ISBN: 9783527304370

Online ISBN: 9783527601547

DOI: 10.1002/3527601546

About this Book

In light of the increasing importance of these proteins and their ligands for our understanding of cellular growth, differentiation, and development, as well as of diseases such as obesity, insulin resistance, atherosclerosis, cancer, and inflammation, a team of internationally renowned editors and authors have compiled here the very first comprehensive book on these topics. They describe fatty acid-activated transcription factors as well as membrane and soluble fatty acid transporters, covering such aspects as structure and function, lipid-protein interaction, delivery of ligands, and the roles of these proteins in gene expression pertaining to the homeostatic and diseased states of cells and organs.
Incorporating recent findings, this is indispensable for basic scientists, health professionals in industry and clinics as well as postgraduate students.

Contributors among others: N.A. Abumrad, J.E. Schaffer, G. Schmitz, N.J. Brunskill, J. Storch, U. Seedorf, S. Mandrup, C.N.A. Palmer, T. Perlmann, H.I. Nebb, J. Bar-Tana, H. Kondo, C. Wolfrum, C. Kerkhoff , S. Farmer, E.J. Murphy, J.F.C. Glatz, P. Besnard, J.M. Stewart, A. Meirhaeghe, J. Plutzky, W. Wahli, R.A. Roberts

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: The Molecular Basis of Protein-Lipid Interaction and Functional Consequences

  2. Part 2: Role for Proteins in Cellular Homeostasis

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