Biomedical Applications of Proteomics

Biomedical Applications of Proteomics

Editor(s): Jean-Charles Sanchez, Garry L. Corthals, Denis F. Hochstrasser

Published Online: 20 SEP 2004

Print ISBN: 9783527308071

Online ISBN: 9783527601561

DOI: 10.1002/3527601562

About this Book

In this first book to provide an overview of applications of proteomics in the discovery of new diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic targets, a team of international specialists from research institutions, hospitals and companies contribute with their specific expertise. They cover a wide range of example applications for the most important diseases, such as heart and cardiovascular disorders, cancer, pharmatoxicology, infectious diseases and diseases of the nervous system.
Denis Hochstrasser is an eminent scientist in the field of bioinformatics and proteomics and one of the founders of the Swiss Prot Databank as well as of the Swiss biotech company Genebio.

Table of contents

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    1. Introduction (pages 1–4)

      Prof. Dr. Denis F. Hochstrasser, Dr. Garry L. Corthals and Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez

  1. Part I: Aspects in Biomedical Research

  2. Part II: Blood Vessels

    1. Chapter 4

      Discovery of New Diagnostic Markers of Stroke (pages 57–72)

      Dr. Laure Allard, Prof. Dr. Denis F. Hochstrasser and Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez

  3. Part III: Cancer

    1. Chapter 6

      Heat Shock Protein 27 in Cancer (pages 97–109)

      Dr. Cecilia Sarto, Dr. Fulvio Magni, BS. Cristina Valsecchi and Prof. Dr. Paolo Mocarelli

    2. Chapter 10

      Lymphoblastoid and Lymphoma Cells (pages 173–188)

      Dr. Raymonde Joubert-Caron, Dr. Didier Lutomski and Dr. Michel Caron

  4. Part IV: Pharmaco-Toxicology

    1. Chapter 11

      Chemoresistance in Cancer Cells (pages 189–204)

      Dr. Julia Poland, Prof. Dr. Dirk Schadendorf, Dr. Hermann Lage and Prof. Dr. Pranav Sinha

  5. Part V: Infectious Diseases

    1. Chapter 14

      Proteomic Studies of Human Lymphocytes: New Insights into HIV Lymphocyte Infection? (pages 245–262)

      Dr. Françoise Vuadens, David Crettaz, Amalio Telenti, Dr. Manfredo Quadroni, Michel A. Duchosal, Prof. Dr. Philippe Schneider and Prof. Dr. Jean-Daniel Tissot

    2. Chapter 15

      Modifications of Host Cell Proteome Induced by Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (pages 263–283)

      Dr. Anna Greco, Dr. Yohann Couté, Dr. Stéphane Giraud and Dr. Jean-Jacques Diaz

    3. Chapter 16

      Francisella Tularensis (pages 285–313)

      Dr. Jirí Stulík, Martin Hubálek, Lenka Hernychová, Jana Havlasová, Juraj Lenco, Ales Macela, Igor Golovliov and Anders Sjöstedt

  6. Part VI: Central Nervous System

    1. Chapter 18

      Human Cerebrospinal Fluid (pages 341–353)

      Dr. Pia Davidsson and Dr. Michael G. Harrington

    2. Chapter 19

      Proteomic Applications for Molecular Assessment of Alzheimer's Disease (pages 355–370)

      Dr. Odile Carrette, Pierre R. Burkhard, Prof. Dr. Denis F. Hochstrasser and Dr. Jean-Charles Sanchez

  7. Part VII: Mass Spectrometry and Bioinformatics

    1. Chapter 21

      Protein Variations: Resources and Tools (pages 389–422)

      Dr. Yum Lina Yip, Dr. Maria Livia Famiglietti, Elisabeth Gasteiger and Prof. Dr. Amos Bairoch

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