In-Situ Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis

In-Situ Spectroscopy in Heterogeneous Catalysis

Editor(s): James F. Haw

Published Online: 19 FEB 2004

Print ISBN: 9783527302482

Online ISBN: 9783527601585

DOI: 10.1002/3527601589

About this Book

"Not using in-situ methods to examine catalytic processes is like studying a life with access only to the prenatal and postmortem states." This quote from the world renowned specialist in the field of in situ methods, Gabor A. Somorjai, clearly emphasizes the importance of these techniques in understanding heterogeneous catalysis - a type of chemical reaction used nowadays for most chemically produced supplies and fuels. Yet the fundamental mechanisms are often still not completely understood.
Many of the leading scientists in the field have contributed to this book which provides an overview of the most varied spectroscopic and related methods for studying catalytic structures and their functions during a chemical reaction. While primarily written for users of these methods, this is also a valuable aid to interpreting the phenomena observed. Indispensable for everyone working in the field.

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