Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications, Second Edition

Enzymes in Industry: Production and Applications, Second Edition

Editor(s): Wolfgang Aehle

Published Online: 20 FEB 2004

Print ISBN: 9783527295920

Online ISBN: 9783527602131

DOI: 10.1002/3527602135

About this Book

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Leading experts from all over the world present an overview of the use of enzymes in industry for:

  • the production of bulk products, such as glucose, or fructose
  • food processing and food analysis
  • laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents
  • the textile, pulp and paper and animal feed industries
  • clinical diagnosis and therapy
  • genetic engineering.

The book also covers identification methods of new enzymes and the optimization of known ones, as well as the regulatory aspects for their use in industrial applications.

Up-to-date and wide in scope, this is a chance for non-specialists to acquaint themselves with this rapidly growing field.

"...The quality...is so great that there is no hesitation in recommending it as ideal reading for any student requiring an introduction to enzymes.... Enzymes in Industry - should command a place in any library, industrial or academic, where it will be frequently used." -The Genetic Engineer and Biotechnologist

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 1

      Introduction (pages 1–12)

      Dr. Wolfgang Aehle and Prof. Dr. Richard N. Perham

    3. Chapter 3

      General Production Methods (pages 37–82)

      Todd Becker, Dr. Gopal K. Chotani, Timothy C. Dodge, Prof. Dr. Saburo Fukui, Dr. Christian Gölker, Dr. Meng H. Heng, John Kan, Prof. Dr. Atsuo Tanaka and Dr. Andreas Herman Terwisscha van Scheltinga

    4. Chapter 4

      Discovery and Development of Enzymes (pages 83–100)

      Dr. Wolfgang Aehle, Dr. Rick Bott, Dr. Hans de Nobel and Dr. Brian Jones

    5. Chapter 5.1

      Industrial Enzymes: Enzymes in Food Applications (pages 101–155)

      Dr. André de Roos, Dr. Catherine Grassin, Dr. Marga Herweijer, Dr. Karsten M. Kragh, Dr. Charlotte Horsmans Poulsen, Dr. Jorn Borch Soe, Jens Frisback Sorensen and Dr. Jan Wilms

    6. Chapter 5.2

      Industrial Enzymes: Enzymes in Nonfood Applications (pages 155–244)

      Dr. Richard L. Antrim, Dr. Johanna Buchert, Dr. Heidi Burrows, Dr. Ivan Herbots, Dr. Beatrix Kottwitz, Dr. Herman B. M. Lenting, Dr. Marja-Leena Niku-Paavola, Prof. Dr. Peter J. Reilly, Dr. Anna Suurnäkki and Dr. Liisa Viikari

    7. Chapter 6.1

      Nonindustrial Enzyme Usage: Enzymes in Organic Synthesis (pages 263–295)

      Dr. Carlo Dinkel, Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Drauz, Dr. Harald Gröger, Dr. Carsten Schultz and Prof. Dr. Herbert Waldmann

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