Semiconducting Polymers: Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

Semiconducting Polymers: Chemistry, Physics and Engineering

Editor(s): G. Hadziioannou, P.F. van Hutten

Published Online: 28 JAN 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527295074

Online ISBN: 9783527602186

DOI: 10.1002/3527602186

About this Book

The field of semiconducting polymers has attracted many researchers from a diversity of disciplines. While, on the one hand, some of the foreseen applications are already being realized in industrial products, there is, on the other hand, still a deficient knowledge of the basic phenomena. Many of our insights derive from the pioneering studies of conducting polymers in the 1980's. Whereas conjugated polymers in their conducting (doped) form have seen limited practical use so far, the potential of semiconducting polymers looks enormous. For the latter, the processibility requirements for device fabrication can be more easily met. This book describes the various approaches taken by prominent researchers in the fields of synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, engineering, computational chemistry, theoretical physics, and applied physics to understand and control the properties of these fascinating molecular materials.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 8

      Photophysics of Methyl-Substituted Poly(para-Phenylene)-Type Ladder Polymers (pages 235–258)

      Guglielmo Lanzani, Sandro De Silvestri, Giulio Cerullo, Salvatore Stagira, Mauro Nisoli, Willi Graupner, Gunther Leising, Ulrich Scherf and Klaus Müllen

    3. Chapter 10

      Lasing in Conjugated Polymers (pages 309–331)

      Uli Lemmer, Andreas Haugeneder, Christian Kallinger and Jochen Feldmann

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