Surface Modes in Physics

Surface Modes in Physics

Author(s): Bo E. Sernelius

Print ISBN: 9783527403134

Online ISBN: 9783527603169

DOI: 10.1002/3527603166

Author Biography

About the Author

Bo E. Sernelius, Professor in Theoretical Physics. Dept. of Physics and Measurement Technology. Linkoping University, Sweden. Background: Theoretical solid state physics. Expert in many-body physics.
1948 born in Sweden
1973 Degree in Civil Engineering
1978 PhD in Theoretical Physics
1985-1987 Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA in the group of Prof. G.D. Mahan
Research Field: Many-Body Theory and in particular Theoretical Semiconductor Physics; Optical Properties, Transport Properties, Quantum Structures, Heterostructures; Collective Modes, Surface Modes, Van der Waals and Casimir Forces, Surface Energies, Wetting, Colloidal Physics, catalytic Effects, Bioloical Physics
More than 100 scientific publications
Member of the Swedish, European and Americanl Physical Societies