Physics of Amorphous Metals

Physics of Amorphous Metals

Author(s): Prof. Dr. N. P. Kovalenko, Prof. Dr. Yu. P. Krasny, Prof. Dr. U. Krey

Print ISBN: 9783527403158

Online ISBN: 9783527603176

DOI: 10.1002/3527603174

Author Biography

About the Author

1. Prof. Dr. Nikolai P. Kovalenko, Vice rector, State University of Odessa, Ukraine
2. Prof. Dr. Yuri P. Krasny, University of Opole, Poland
The authors N.P. Kovalenko and Yu.P. Krasny are working - among other topics - on the theory of Liquid and Amorphous Metals and have published a book on 'Statistical Theory of Liquid Metals' (in Russian, with S.A. Triger, Nauka, Moscow 1990).
3. Prof. Dr. Uwe Krey, Institute of Physics II, University of Regensburg
Well known, outstandig theoretical physicist. He is working in the fields of Statistical Mechanics, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Disordered or Amorphous Solids and made a great contribution to his field. He has written a book 'Introduction to phase transitions and critical phenomena' (with W. Gebhardt, Vieweg 1980), which was translated into Japanese and updated (2nd edition) with S. Komura (Yoshioka Shoten, Tokyo 1992).