Modular Protein Domains

Modular Protein Domains

Editor(s): Giovanni Cesareni, Mario Gimona, Marius Sudol, Michael Yaffe

Published Online: 11 MAY 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527308132

Online ISBN: 9783527603619

DOI: 10.1002/3527603611

About this Book

Since the full functionality of any given protein can only be understood in terms of its interaction with other, often regulatory proteins, this unique reference source covers all relevant protein domains, including SH2, SH3, PDZ, WW, PTB, EH, PH and PX. Its user-oriented concept combines broad coverage with easy retrieval of essential information, and includes a special section on Web-based tools and databases covering protein modules and functional peptide motifs.
Essential for the study of protein-protein interactions in vivo or in silico, and a prerequisite for successful functional proteomics studies.
With a prologue by Sir Tom Blundell.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 4

      EVH1/WH1 Domains (pages 73–101)

      Linda J. Ball, Urs Wiedemann, Jürgen Zimmermann and Thomas Jarchau

    3. Chapter 9

      The Eukaryotic Protein Kinase Domain (pages 181–209)

      Arvin C. Dar, Leanne E. Wybenga-Groot and Frank Sicheri

    4. Chapter 14

      EH Domains and Their Ligands (pages 279–290)

      Brian K. Kay, Michael D. Scholle and Fred J. Stevens

    5. Chapter 16

      The Calponin Homology (CH) Domain (pages 321–336)

      Univ.-Doz. Dr. Mario Gimona and Steven J. Winder

    6. Chapter 18

      ENTH and VHS Domains (pages 365–387)

      Vimal Parkash, Olli Lohi, Ismo Virtanen and Veli-Pekka Lehto

    7. Chapter 19

      PX Domains (pages 389–408)

      Matthew L. Cheever and Michael Overduin

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