Neuroprotection: Models, Mechanisms and Therapies

Neuroprotection: Models, Mechanisms and Therapies

Editor(s): Mathias Bähr

Published Online: 17 JUN 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527308163

Online ISBN: 9783527603862

DOI: 10.1002/3527603867

About this Book

In this first book to cover model systems, molecular mechanisms and clinical trials all in one volume internationally renowned scientists and clinicians provide a comprehensive treatment of neuroprotective strategies for all important neurological disorders.
Following an overview of neurodegenerative, traumatic, and ischemic disorders, the book goes on to cover in vitro and animal model systems as well as cellular and molecular mechanisms. An extremely helpful analysis of clinical studies explains reasons for their success and failure, and the whole is rounded off with a look at the current challenges and hopes for the development of effective treatment strategies in the future.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Neurological Disorders - Epidemiology, Clinical Overview, and Model Systems

    1. Chapter 1

      Stroke (pages 1–30)

      Andreas Meisel, Konstantin Prass, Tilo Wolf and Ulrich Dirnagl

    2. Chapter 2

      Parkinson's Disease (pages 31–50)

      Marina Romero-Ramos, Matthew Maingay and Deniz Kirik

    3. Chapter 5

      CNS Inflammation (pages 85–93)

      Christine Stadelmann and Wolfgang Brück

    4. Chapter 6

      Neurotrauma (pages 95–127)

      Ibolja Cernak, Paul M. Lea and Alan I. Faden

  2. Part II: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

    1. Chapter 11

      Protein Misfolding (pages 213–227)

      Milene Russelakis-Carneiro, Claudio Hetz, Joaquin Castilla and Claudio Soto

    2. Chapter 13

      Neurogenesis (pages 261–289)

      Sebastian Jessberger and Gerd Kempermann

  3. Part III: Therapies

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