Cell Migration in Development and Disease

Cell Migration in Development and Disease

Editor(s): Doris Wedlich

Published Online: 9 AUG 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527305872

Online ISBN: 9783527604661

DOI: 10.1002/3527604669

About this Book

Cell Migration matches nearly all research areas in cell and developmental biology, genetics, and biomedicine. The field shows radical progress powered by the combination of new genomic tools, cell labeling techniques and the incorporation of new model systems. This is the first book to comprehensively cover cell migration from the identification of molecular mechanisms to the understanding of certain pathological disorders and cancer development.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Cell Shape Modulations and Cell Surface-Nucleus Connections: Prerequisites for Cell Migration

    1. Chapter 1

      Functional Phases in Cell Attachment and Spreading (pages 1–13)

      Michael P. Sheetz, Benjamin J. Dubin-Thaler, Gregory Giannone, Guoying Jiang and Hans-Günther Döbereiner

    2. Chapter 3

      Mechanisms of Eukaryotic Chemotaxis (pages 33–45)

      Chris Janetopoulos, Yu Long and Peter N. Devreotes

  2. Part II: Classical Examples of Cell Migration in Development

  3. Part III: Cell Migration Crucial for Immune Response, Wound Healing, and Tumorigenesis

    1. Chapter 12

      Host–Pathogen Interactions and Cell Motility: Learning from Bacteria (pages 205–236)

      Theresia E. B. Stradal, Silvia Lommel, Jürgen Wehland and Klemens Rottner

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