Cell Migration in Development and Disease

Cell Migration in Development and Disease

Editor(s): Doris Wedlich

Print ISBN: 9783527305872

Online ISBN: 9783527604661

DOI: 10.1002/3527604669


"... an excellent guide to current research in the field of cell migration... I highly recommend this book for all students of biology who are captivated by the thought of intelligent cells in directed motion."
Doody's Health Services

"...provides a good summary ... provide a useful introduction to the various mechanisms used for cell movement during development. ... This book would be useful to students or scientists who are interested in in vivo cell migration and perhaps for cell biologists looking for an appropriate in vivo system to study the function of a specific protein, or the relevance of in vitro findings. ... provide a helpful summary of the field and outline the open questions."
Nature Cellbiology

"... intellectually stimulating...an excellent resource for students, experienced researchers, and medical practitioners."
The Quarterly Review of Biology