Enzymes in Lipid Modification

Enzymes in Lipid Modification

Editor(s): Uwe T. Bornscheuer

Published Online: 5 DEC 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527301768

Online ISBN: 9783527606030

DOI: 10.1002/3527606033

About this Book

Enzymatic methods of lipid modification, particularly of fats and oils, have developed rapidly since the 1980s. In parallel to the rapid progress in research a wide range of applications have emerged, e.g. in the food industry.
The book is written by leading experts in the field and reflects the state-of-the-art of enzymatic lipid modification. It provides the reader with guidelines how to select suitable enzymes and how to apply them efficiently.
Applications of lipases and phospholipases, lipoxygenases and P450-monooxygenases and the use of whole-cell systems in lipid modification are described. Cloning, expression and mutagenesis as well as attempts to understand the molecular basis of specificity and stereoselectivity are outlined. In addition engineering aspects and the choice of solvent systems are addressed.

Table of contents

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    3. Chapter 4

      Cloning, Mutagenesis and Biochemical Properties of a Lipase from the Fungus Rhizopus delemar (pages 70–84)

      Dr. Michael J. Haas, David G. Bailey, Wilber Baker, Thomas R. Berka, David J. Cichowitz, Zygmunt S. Derewenda, Robert R. Genuario, Rolf D. Joerger, Robert R. Klein, Karen Scott and Deborah J. Woolf

    4. Chapter 6

      Lipase-Catalyzed Synthesis of Regioisomerically Pure Mono- and Diglycerides (pages 100–115)

      B. Aha, M. Berger, B. Jakob, G. Machmüller, C. Waldinger and Prof. Dr. Manfred M. Schneider

    5. Chapter 16

      Properties and Applications of Lipoxygenases (pages 337–359)

      Prof. Dr. Gilles Iacazio and Prof. Dr. Dominique Martini-Iacazio

    6. Chapter 17

      Enzymatic Synthesis and Modification of Glycolipids (pages 361–393)

      Prof. Dr. Siegmund Lang, Prof. Dr. Christoph Syldatk and Prof. Dr. Udo Rau

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