Materials for Medical Engineering, Volume 2

Materials for Medical Engineering, Volume 2

Editor(s): H. Stallforth, P. Revell

Published Online: 22 DEC 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527301232

Online ISBN: 9783527606146

DOI: 10.1002/3527606149

About this Book

The innovation of new materials for implants to achieve enhanced performance and lifetimes in the body could directly leed both to quality of life for patients and opportunities for wealth creation in associated industries. Some notable examples of major clinical applications of hard-tissue implants are in total joint replacement, spinal protheses, and dental tooth roots. Other topics addressed in this book are soft tissue implants, drug release technology, and corrosion and allergies of biomaterials.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Hard Tissue Implants

    1. FEM-Simulation of the Human Mandible: A Preliminary Step for New Osteosynthesis Techniques (pages 30–35)

      C. Kober, H.-J. Bauer, H.-F. Zeilhofer, K.-H. Hoffmann, R. Sader, H. Thiele, H. Deppe and U. Kliegis

    2. Improvement of the Bonding between Metal Implant and Bone Cement in Total Joint Replacement (pages 36–40)

      Horst Fischer, Dieter Christian Wirtz, Ahmet Emin Özgören, Karl Walter Zilkens, Fritz Uwe Niethard and Rudolf Marx

    3. Laser Ablation Micropatterning of Screw-Shaped Dental Implants (pages 51–58)

      Henrik Reimers, Carin Hallgren, Peter Jartoft, Martin Krantz, Ann Wennerberg, Dinko Chakarov, Julie Gold and Bengt Kasemo

    4. Carbon and Polymer Composites in Bone Surgery (pages 109–115)

      Jan Chłopek, Stanisław Błażewicz, Elżbieta Pamuła, Marta Błażewicz, Cezary Wajler and Emil Staszków

    5. Glass-Ceramic Matrix/ZrO2 Particle Biocomposites (pages 146–151)

      Enrica Verné, Roberto Defilippi, Chiara Vitale Brovarone, Gunter Carl and Jürgen Vogel

  2. Part II: Soft Tissue Implants

    1. Improvement of Bio- and Bloodcompatibility of Polymers by PACVD (pages 161–166)

      Frank Breme, Johannes Buttstaedt, Gerhard Emig, Michael Doser, Erhard Mueller and Heinrich Planck

    2. New Targetable Conjugates of Anticancer Drugs with Soluble Biodegradable Polymeric Carriers (pages 179–184)

      Paolo Ferruti, Veronica Vincenzi, Francesco M. Veronese, Oddone Schiavon, Ruth Duncan, Jane Ford, Jim Cassidy, John W. Davies, Lars Anderson, Anders J. Andersen, Piero Orsolini and Christine Deuschel

  3. Part III: Corrosion and Allergies

    1. Antimicrobial Polyurethanes for Catheters (pages 230–235)

      J.G. Bauer, R.M. Joyce-Wöhrmann, T. Hentschel, H. Münstedt, M. Böswald, J.-P. Guggenbichler and S. Lugauer

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