Steels and Materials for Power Plants, Volume 7

Steels and Materials for Power Plants, Volume 7

Editor(s): P. Neumann, D. Allen, E. Teuckhoff

Published Online: 5 JAN 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527301959

Online ISBN: 9783527606184

DOI: 10.1002/3527606181

About this Book

Steels are by far the most important construction materials for many applications. Many modern concepts of materials science are being used in steels, e.g., in micro-alloyed steels minute amounts of alloying elements form nanoscale carbides to yield superior strength values. All of these mechanisms have to be controlled in the production facilities on a scale of hundreds of tons. This book addresses these new concepts for improving the efficiency of production technologies

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Materials / Steels

    1. Spray Forming of Low Alloy Steels (pages 24–28)

      Sabine Spangel, Alwin Schulz, Hermann Vetters and Peter Mayr

    2. Control of Mechanical Properties by Monitoring Microstructure (pages 57–61)

      Hans Ulrich Löffler, Rüdiger Döll, Bernhard Lang, Günter Sörgel, Udo Holtheuer and Gustav Zouhar

    3. Magnetic Properties of Fe-6.%Si Alloy Obtained by Spray Forming (pages 100–106)

      Mário Cézar Alves da Silva, Claudemiro Bolfarini and Claudio Shyinti Kiminami

    4. Crucial Parameters of the Drop-Weight Test for IF Steels (pages 107–115)

      Angelika Spalek, Gerd Reisner, Ewald Werner, Andreas Pichler and Peter Stiaszny

    5. Ferrous Materials for Anticorrosion Protection Obtained by Casting (pages 229–233)

      Ioan Marginean, Avram Nicolae, Cristian Predescu, Augustin Semenescu and Mirela Sohaciu

    6. Ultra-Steel Project for Advanced Ferritic Steels for 650 °C USC Boilers (pages 299–303)

      F. Abe, M. Igarashi, S. Wanikawa, M. Tabuchi, T. Itagaki, K. Kimura and K. Yamaguchi

  2. Part II: Materials for Power Plants

    1. Processing and Properties of Particle Reinforced MoSi2 Composites for High temperature Applications in Corrosive Atmospheres (pages 321–326)

      Ricarda Rix, Volker Güther, Roland Scholl, Alexander Böhm, Stefan Lohfeld, Franz Dettenwanger, Michael Schuetze, Clemens Korhammer and Ullrich V. Wendorff

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