Materials for Buildings and Structures, Volume 6

Materials for Buildings and Structures, Volume 6

Editor(s): F. H. Wittmann

Published Online: 23 DEC 2005

Print ISBN: 9783527301256

Online ISBN: 9783527606214

DOI: 10.1002/3527606211

About this Book

Building materials are experiencing degradation phenomena due to the long-term action of the atmospheric components. The understanding of the transport characteristics in concrete is a key issue to mitigate the deleterious consequences.
Conventional cement-based materials suffer from a lack of ductility. However, modern cement compositions, fiber materials and additions allow to engineer new products adjusted to the purpose.
These and several key topics for modern civil engineering are discussed in this book.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Advanced Concrete Technology

    1. Economic Design and Construction with Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete (pages 18–22)

      Tor Arne Hammer, Klaas van Breugel, Steinar Helland, Ivar Holand, Magne Maage, Jan P. G. Mijnsbergen and Edda Lilja Sveinsdóttir

    2. Highly Durable Precast Special Concrete (pages 41–47)

      A.J. M. Ferreira, P.P. Camanho, M. Cristina Fernandes, M. A. V. Figueiredo and A.A. Fernandes

  2. Part II: Fibre Reinforced Cement-Based Materials

  3. Part III: Fracture Mechanics of Cement-Based Materials

    1. Crack Interaction in Concrete (pages 125–131)

      Chunxia Shi, Arie G. van Dam, Jan G.M. van Mier and Bert Sluys

  4. Part IV: Transport Phenomena and Durability

    1. Exploitation of Marble Residues through Material Compound in a Polymer Matrix (pages 198–201)

      Francisco Antonio Corpas Iglesias, Simón Codina Sánchez, José Manuel Ruiz Román, Luis Enrique García Cambronero, José Manuel Ruiz Prieto and Cristina Alonso

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