Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Factors in Food: Symposium

Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Factors in Food: Symposium

Editor(s): Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Senate Commission on Food Safety (SKLM)

Published Online: 5 JAN 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527271443

Online ISBN: 9783527606245

DOI: 10.1002/3527606246

About this Book

The relationship between diet and human cancer has been the focus of an international symposium, organized by the Commission on the Evaluation of Food Safety (SKLM) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It was held in Kaiserslautern in October 1998. The remarkable results which have been presented by renouned researchers are documented in this book. There is extensive evidence that diet influences the risk of developing cancer due to carginogens and anti-carcinogens in our food. Even though much remains to be understood about the mechanisms, it is now possible to draw consistent conclusions regarding the role of diet, obesity, and alcohol in the etiology of cancer, and to make public health recommendations on the basis of those conclusions. This symposium volume not only provides an overview of our current knowledge on this topic but also points to obvious gaps, it also presents conclusions and recommendations by the SKLM. Thus the SKLM is making available an up-to-date, scientifically substantiated source of information for a wide range of readers and users.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter III

      Contributions — A: General Session (pages 15–100)

      John D. Potter, Julie A. Ross, Margaret McCredie, Ronald W. Hart, T. Bucci, J. Seng, A. Turturro, J. E. A. Leakey, R. Feuers, P. Duffy, J. James, B. Lyn-Cook, J. Pipkin, S. Y. Li, Robert W. Owen, Lenore Arab, Michelle Mendez and Christine B. Ambrosone

    3. Chapter III

      Contributions — B: Carcinogenic Factors: Exogenous (pages 101–227)

      Prof. Dr. Werner K. Lutz, Prof. Dr. Josef Schlatter, Prof. Dr. Helmut K. Seitz, Prof. Dr. Nils Homann, Wolfgang Pfau, Montserrat García-Closas, Rashmi Sinha, Prof. Dr. Guy Dirheimer, David E. G. Shuker and Sheila A. Bingham

    4. Chapter III

      Contributions — C: Carcinogenic Factors: Endogenous (pages 228–255)

      Steven R. Tannenbaum, Bernd Epe, D. Ballmaier, O. Will, S. Hollenbach, H.-C. Mahler, M. I. Homburg, J. P. Radicella and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scheppach

    5. Chapter III

      Contributions — D: Anticarcinogenic Factors (pages 256–395)

      Dr. Anthony T. Diplock, Frau Prof. Dr. Beatrix L. Pool-Zobel, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rechkemmer, Dr. Stephen S. Hecht, Dr. Chung S. Yang, Guang-Yu Yang, Sungbin Kim, Mao-Jung Lee, Jie Liao, Jee Chung, Dr. Lilian U. Thompson, Dr. Takuji Tanaka, Prof. Dr. Henk J. van Kranen and C. F. van Kreijl

    6. Chapter III

      Contributions — E: Biomarkers (pages 396–418)

      Prof. Dr. Helmut Bartsch, J. Nair, Dr. LaVerne A. Mooney and Frederica P. Perera

    7. Chapter IV

      Posters (pages 429–518)

      W. Föllmann, A. Dörrenhaus, A. Flieger, K. Golka, Gisela H. Degen, Kerstin Groß-Steinmeyer, J. Weymann, H. G. Koebe, M. Metzler, Hans-Ulrich Humpf, E.-M. Schmelz, F. I. Meredith, A. H. Merrill, Martin Fein, Karl-Hermann Fuchs, Stefanie Diem, Markus Herderich, Elke Richling, Dietmar Häring, Peter Schreier, Marc Vollenbröker, Karl Eichner, Monika Hofer, Christine Janzowski, Richard N. Loeppky, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Eisenbrand, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wörner, Martina Müller, Hans-Joachim Schmitz, Dieter Schrenk, Matthias Baum, Werner Köhl, Steven S. Hecht, Shantu Amin, F. Peter Guengerich, Martin Burkart, Aribert Vetter, Eva Ritter, Christiane Meilike, Harry Scherthan, Heinrich Zankl, A. Genzlinger, I. Zimmermann, V. Glaab, E. Samimi, B. L. Pool-Zobel, Robert Landsiedel, U. Andrae, Prof. Dr. A. Kuhlow, Prof. Dr. M. Scholtyssek, Prof. Dr. H. R. Glatt, Andrea Hartwig, U. D. Gröblinghoff, Y. Hiemstra, L. H. F. Mullenders, S. Guth, D. Seng, S. Böhm, B. Mußler, Eric Jacobs, S. E. Kulling, Leane Lehmann, S. Mayer, Prof. Dr. Michael Glei, B. Spänkuch, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rechkemmer, Wilhelm Stahl, S. Nicolai, A. Clairmont, Prof. Dr. H. Sies, Prof. Dr. Matthias Schneider, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Diemer, Prof. Dr. Karin Engelhart, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Trommer, Prof. Dr. Hans K. Biesalski, Prof. Dr. Annette Kopp-Schneider, Prof. Dr. Werner K. Lutz, Prof. Dr. Stefan O. Müller, Prof. Dr. Marko Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dekant, Prof. Dr. Helga Stopper, Prof. Dr. Josef Schlatter, R. Simmering, Heiko Schneider, M. Blaut, Holger Pforte, Jürg Hempel, Gisela Jacobasch, Ellen Niederberger, Susanne Meiers, W. C. Tang, D. Marko, Uwe Wenzel, Sabine Kuntz, Stefan Storcksdieck, Ulrike Jambor and Hannelore Daniel

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