Functional Materials, Volume 13

Functional Materials, Volume 13

Editor(s): K. Grassie, E. Teuckhoff, G. Wegner, J. Hausselt, H. Hanselka

Published Online: 27 APR 2006

Print ISBN: 9783527302543

Online ISBN: 9783527607426

DOI: 10.1002/3527607420

About this Book

Functional materials, often called smart or advanced materials, offer new combinations of physical properties (e.g., electrical, optical or magnetic) that make them attractive for use in such modern high-tech industries as telecommunications or microelectronics.
In this book, the fundamentals of functional materials from all classes of materials - ceramics, polymers, metals and alloys - are discussed as well as their applications in information technology, fuel cells, systems for renewable energy and sensors and actuators

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Materials for Information Technology

    1. Ageing Effects of Wire Bonds on Plasma Cleaned Flash-Gold Surfaces (pages 75–82)

      Volkmar von Arnim, Jürgen Feßmann, Heinz Osterwinter, Mechtilde Schäfer and Hans-Ulrich Völler

    2. Investigation of Interface Cracking in Electronic Packages (pages 83–89)

      E. Kieselstein, B. Seiler, Th. Winkler, R. Dudek, J. Auersperg, A. Schubert and B. Michel

    3. Complex Defects in ZnSe-Based Phosphors (pages 112–116)

      Vello Valdna, Jaan Hiie, Urve Kallavus, Roger Durst and Larry Jones

  2. Part II: Materials for Electrical Energy Conversion

    1. Manufacturing and Test of a 100 kVA HTS Transformer (pages 135–140)

      Peter Kummeth, Reinhard Schlosser, Cord Albrecht and Heinz-Werner Neumüller

    2. Improvement of Properties of Y- and Nd-base Melt Textured High Temperature Superconductors by High Pressure - High Temperature Treatment (pages 153–158)

      Tatiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Viktor Moshchil, Sergey Dub, Tobias Habisreuther, Vladimir Melnikov, Felip Sandiumenge, Valery Kovylayev, Alexey Surzhenko, Peter Nagorny, Peter Shaetzle and Alexandr Borimsky

  3. Part III: Polymers

    1. LCP-Polysulfone Multiblock Copolymers: Combination of High Performance Polymers (pages 292–297)

      Doris Pospiech, Liane Häußler, Kathrin Eckstein, Hartmut Komber, Dieter Voigt, Andreas Janke, Antje Gottwald, Dieter Jehnichen and Hans R. Kricheldorf

    2. ORMOCER®s for Optical Interconnection Technology (pages 323–329)

      R. Buestrich, F. Kahlenberg, M. Popall, P. Dannberg, R. Müller- Fiedler and O. Rösch

    3. Injection Molding in Biodegradable Plastics (pages 353–357)

      Prabhu Kandachar, Joke Reijnhoudt, Rolf Koster and Ineke Goedhart

  4. Part IV: Sensors and Actuators

    1. Structural and Spectroscopic Studies of Heteropoly Acid in Gel Electrolyte (pages 462–466)

      U. Lavrenc̆ic̆ S̆tangar, N. Gros̆elj, U. Opara Kras̆ovec, M. Gabers̆c̆ek and B. Orel

    2. Development of Materials and Processes for High-Performance Microtechnology Components (pages 467–472)

      K.-H. Zum Gahr, R. Knitter, R. Ruprecht, K. Seemann, J. Aktaa, W. Brocks, H. P. Buchkremer, R. Gerling, P. Grünberg, M. Peters and W. Reimers

    3. Silicon Moulds for Micro-Injection Moulding Techniques (pages 473–476)

      Andreas Menz, Wolfgang Benecke, Thanh Vinh Duong, Hans-Dieter Kunze and Ralf Höper

  5. Part V: Adaptronics

    1. Active Fiber Composites Actuation Materials and Applications (pages 496–503)

      Nesbitt W. Hagood, Mauro J. Atalla, Benon Z. Janos, Mads Schmidt and Viresh K. Wickramasinghe

    2. Piezoceramic Materials – Potential of a new Actuator Technology (pages 554–559)

      Peter Jänker, Frank Hermle, Thomas Lorkowski, Stefan Storm and Markus Christmann

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